Tarot on Shahs of Sunset?


Okay, so it looks more like straightforward cartomancy than it does tarot, but still. Also, it looks like I have to own up to a guilty pleasure before proceeding: yes, that’s right, I’ve been watching BravoTV’s Shahs of Sunset, a reality show that follows a cast of socialite Persian Americans in Beverly Hills.  In Season 2, Episode 2, two of the main cast members, Asa and Reza consult with a Persian psychic, Shohreh.


Sitting in a Los Angeles cafe, Habibi Cafe to be exact, Shohreh uses a deck of oversize cards to read about Reza. From what I could see, there are pip cards, as opposed to the pictured suits of the RWS, Thoth, or other contemporary decks.


Also, whatever it was the psychic told Reza, he seemed thoroughly impressed. And where did she get that oversize deck? I want one.

Yes, this was a meaningless post. Just happy to see cartomancy get some air time.

9 thoughts on “Tarot on Shahs of Sunset?

    1. I wish I knew, Ancient Librarian! If I did, I’d have one, too! Also, considering the thickness of the entire deck (as depicted at least), I also wonder whether there’s really 78 cards or even 52…


  1. Gemini, here! Let the investigation begin!

    The deck is the Oversized Bicycle playing card deck.

    I have a Rider-Waite tarot deck of 78 cards in the same size. If you want playing cards or tarot, you can order them from Amazon.com.



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