Yin and Yang Crystals


The crystal pictured to the left above is considered a yang crystal. The one to the right is a yin.

Yang crystals are glass-clear and transparent. There may be fire-like refractions of rainbows inside. Yang crystals are power crystals. They’re an amazing supplement to our work when we are seeking creative, active energies, power, strength, ambition, control, and aggressive healing. The elements of fire and air tend to be dominant. In other words, they correspond with the Wands and Swords of the Minor Arcana.

Yin crystals are milky white and translucent. The rainbows they refract are subtle, muted, and soft. Yin crystals are receptive. They channel love, enhance communication, spirituality, and intuition. They help us make sense of emotions. In yin crystals, the elements of water and earth tend to be dominant. They correspond with the Cups and Pentacles of the Minor Arcana.

As applied to tarot, when reading for questions about work, career, professional or personal development, creative projects, or ambitions, I like to keep a yang crystal nearby.

When reading about love, relationships, making sense of emotions or internal flux, I like to keep a yin crystal nearby.

For questions about finances, wealth, or property, it will depend on the question. Yang crystals are helpful around questions about wealth creation and asset acquisition. Yin crystals are helpful around questions about wealth management or the nurturing of what one currently has already.


Not that it’s necessary, but I keep the yang crystal in the red pouch and the yin in the blue. Just totally random info I wanted to share.

Anyway, I recommend to practitioners to have in their arsenal both yin and yang crystals. Don’t take my word for the differences between the two: just handle both and you’ll see for yourself. (Psst… a set of a yin and a yang crystal also make for a great gift to your favorite metaphysics buddy!)