DIY your own SKT study journal

click to download high-res 4 MB journal cover (back and front), for spiral-bound production

If you have MS Word, then you can use all the templates in this post to create your own spiral-bound tarot journal keyed to the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot.

Convert your final document to PDF and upload it onto a third-party print-on-demand publishing site like

The above cover design is for 6″ x 9″ trade paperback size journals, spiral bound.

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Your Tarot Journal (Collaborating with Scarlet Ravenswood)

Scarlet Ravenswood from Arcane Alchemy and I have teamed up to talk about keeping a tarot journal. Earlier this week I chatted with Scarlet and her co-host Dan on their podcast Cosmic Keys. Be sure to check it out. =)

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She and I also teamed up to put together two free downloads for you. The Tarot Study Journal is, in short, where you keep card meanings and your research. The Tarot Readings Diary is where you log readings you’ve been doing for yourself or for others.

I will be creating these two journal versions for those with the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck (I’ve got the e-mail addresses for all purchasers) so stay on the look-out for that! I’ll be sending the downloads to your e-mail inbox in the next few weeks.

Scarlet and Benebell’s

Tarot Study Journal

PDF download, 516 interior pages

Psst… If you’re working with the SKT deck, then hold out for a version of these two journals that include sections keyed for the SKT. I’m going to be contacting you all via the SKT Newsletter with a ton of downloads, DOCX and PDF.

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The Aces: Learn Tarot Card by Card

New to this video lecture series?

Start Here

The above-linked Introduction page will give you an overview of what this series is about and provide a course contents listing.

The Aces is the first of seventeen videos in this series, “Tarot Card Meanings with Benebell” (formerly titled “Learn the Tarot Card by Card”).

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Keeping a Tarot Journal: You Have to Do It

Deck Image: Smith-Waite Centennial (U.S. Games)
Deck Image: Smith-Waite Centennial (U.S. Games)

Okay. ::pulls out lectern:: I’m about to get patronizing and preachy about tarot. Uh oh, you’re thinking. This won’t end well.


Deck Image: Smith-Waite Centennial (U.S. Games)

If you are serious about mastering tarot, then you have to keep a tarot journal.

No “maybe consider” or “well this is how I do it” or “whatever floats your boat.” No.

You need to keep a journal.

You need to log your trials and errors. You need to record your ruminations and then go back to update those ruminations as your understanding of tarot evolves. You need to keep your own write-up of card meanings, which yes, in the beginning as a newbie will just be copy-paste general text from other sources but by the intermediate level, almost all of that copy-paste plagiarized (well, no biggie, this is private, personal journaling stuff) text will be transformed into your personalized, original understanding of each card.

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