Your Tarot Spreads Repertoire

A deformed Celtic Cross due to space constraints. The Mary-el Tarot.
A deformed Celtic Cross due to space constraints. The Mary-el Tarot.

At the intermediate level, every tarot practitioner should have a repertoire of at least 7 spreads. Now note that as an advanced reader, you will have fully developed your personal practice approach and may have only one spread that you always use, no matter the inquiry or situation, or a repertoire of spreads that are very different from the ones mentioned here, or an altogether different intuitive approach to readings. All that is developed with time, however, so at the intermediate level, expose yourself to as much as possible and master a minimum of 7 spreads to empower yourself as the most adaptable and efficient reader you can be.

In my own practice I customize and design new spreads on a case by case basis. I also employ a variety of techniques to answer questions–operations from various Golden Dawn methodology (or my adaptation of it), card counting, etc. However, I do insist tarot students who have gained a proficient understanding of the card meanings and who know the basics of tarot interpretation to begin building their repertoire. There are 7 spreads you should know by heart at any given time:

  1. A 3 card reading spread
  2. A 4 card reading spread (or a 5 card reading spread)
  3. The Celtic Cross
  4. A yes/no spread
  5. A spread for a 2-party reading
  6. Specialty multi-card spread #1
  7. Specialty multi-card spread #2

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