Way of the Horse Oracle Deck Review

Way of the Horse 01 Book Deck Set

Way of the Horse: Equine Archetypes for Self-Discovery is a magnificent oracle deck by Linda Kohanov with paintings by Kim McElroy. The set is published by New World Library, a California-based New Age independent publisher that has published the likes of Joseph Campbell before.

I love horses. I always have. As a kid, I got this how-to-draw book on horses and I lugged that book and a sketchpad everywhere until I mastered– okay, “mastered”– the art of drawing horses. I then ended up marrying Hubby, who was born in the year of the Horse per the Chinese zodiac. So the spirit of horses and I have a thing.

Way of the Horse - Box Set

Thus, it’s no surprise that I connected to the Way of the Horse oracle deck right away. It’s also a beautifully packaged book and deck set. Good job, New World Library! Wow. What an absolutely magnificent product to behold.

Way of the Horse 02 Side View

The box set includes a slot for the hardcover book, a book that has that 1980s library book vibe to it, or at least that’s my impression. Then the back half slot opens up (and closes magnetically) to reveal the deck.

Way of the Horse 03 Deck View

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