On Tarot Reading Ethics, Part III: Addressing Curses

This is the final installment of a post series on tarot reading ethics. As you can see, I’ve decided to set this post to password-protected. This final installment comes after Part I: Readings on Medical, Legal, and Financial Concerns and Part II: Third Party Readings & Reading for an Onerous Client.

In Part III, I’ll be tackling the issue of curses and hexes. First, a note for clarification: I’m going to separate out the distinction between practitioner and reader for the purpose of this post.

A practitioner is someone who works proactively with unseen energy and spirit influences, who, for lack of better terminology, can and will cast spells for hire.

A reader is someone who reads energy for hire, such as someone who does divinatory work, like a tarot reader or psychic.

I think you’ll see why we need the separation.

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