Eternal Seeker Oracle by Pamela Steele

Pamela Steele is one of my close tarot friends, and really, though she might not know it, also an art mentor. There’s a fiery and fierce “I’ll do it myself!” independence to her. If you tell her “no” and gatekeep her, she’ll dismantle the gate altogether. She’s also contributed so much to the tarot community at large, having always been a passionate advocate and supporter for deck creators.

I was honored to write the Foreword to the Eternal Seeker guidebook, and to do so, I had an early prototype of the deck on my desk for weeks, working with it everyday, doing daily card draws, and I found myself really connecting to this deck.

If you read just the card titles above alongside the imagery, you’ll see The Fool in The Seeker card, The Magician in The Magus, The High Priestess in The Oracle, and The Empress in Divine Feminine. However, the numbering diverges from the tarot Key numbers. Where we might commonly associate 1 with Magician, here it’s The Seeker (calling to mind The Fool).

So first, you need to dismantle any preconceived notions of the Major Arcana. Eternal Seeker is its own divination system, and simply hearkens to some of the Major Arcana tarot archetypes. The specific number associations in Eternal Seeker are rooted in numerology, and deeply intentional.

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