Cosmos Tarot and Oracle

This is an oldie but goodie, and I thought I’d share a walk-through of the deck now that collaborative tarot deck projects are gaining in popularity. I mean, like, every third deck launched on Kickstarter or through a crowd-funding campaign these days has been a collaborative deck. Which is very cool!

The Cosmos Tarot and Oracle is per the namesake– a two deck and book set, one deck being tarot and the other an astronomy-based oracle deck– that comes in a slim, handsome keepsake box.

The deck showcases modern constellations and celestial bodies in our universe, with many of those astronomical phenomena personified through classical mythology. These representations of our skies, in picture form, illustrated by over 100 different artists, produces a work of oracular potential.

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Tarot Pink: A Deck Review

Tarot Pink 02 Card Back 2

I’m one of the contributors for the Tarot Pink charity deck. Tarot Pink is a collaborative deck where 65 or so artists came together to create art for a tarot deck keyed toward healing, wellness, and compassion. It was a volunteer effort on everyone’s part and all proceeds raised from sales of the deck go toward breast cancer research. You can now order your copy of Tarot Pink through GameCrafter, here.

Tarot Pink 01 Booklet

I talked a bit about the conception process for the card I was assigned, the Two of Wands here. Now I have the deck in my hands and debated whether to do a review. For starters, I’m sure I’ll be biased in favor of the deck, since I contributed to it. Just look at the “little white booklet” (LWB) in the photo above. Just beautiful. However, I will do what I can to be objective. No matter what I might have to say, or what anyone has to say for that matter, please do support the charitable cause and order your copy today. A smartphone app is also forthcoming, so keep your eyes open for that.

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