Top 5 Oracle Decks of 2018

Continuing with the 31 Days of Tarot community challenge by Ethony, let’s talk about my top five oracle decks for 2018.

These are my top five oracle decks from the previous year, meaning (1) acquired the deck in the year 2018, and (2) actually worked with the deck in 2018, but most of these were published well before 2018.

The Celtic Shaman’s Pack by John Matthews and Chesea Potter is a deck I plan on reviewing in-depth at some future point. It’s an older deck that was then re-released  (and given a redesign) in 2017, but one I didn’t acquire myself until 2018. And I love it. Wow, I can’t even.

The guidebook that comes with the cards is everything you want to get you oriented in working with Celtic shamanism for yourself. I cannot shower this oracle deck with enough high praise, except to say you’ve got to try it to believe it. You can look forward to me posting a deck review of it this year, in 2019.

Healers of the Earth Oracle by Mandy Peterson is a beautifully done digital collage deck that read like lucid dreams. It’s self-published, which you can buy now on Etsy at a very economical price. When people are new to cartomancy and are looking for a deck with softer hues, I recommend Healers of the Earth.

I love the intelligence of the oracle system that Peterson designed. The digital collage artwork here is seamless and remind me of windows I’m looking through to see my own dreamscapes. There’s a universal appeal to Healers that makes it a no-brainer to me as one of the top oracle decks from 2018.

I’ve been learning the Kipper system for myself and the Kipper Cards by Toni Puhle, the Card Geek, come with an incredible primer book on Kipper, and it’s by Toni Puhle, who is kind of the top master of Kipper at the moment, as far as I reckon.

This is a self-published deck and I highly recommend getting Puhle’s book to go along with the deck. I’ve been slowly making my way through it and it’s so easy to learn out of. The illustrations set the tone in contemporary times and give the old Kipper system a clean and modern polish.

I haven’t gotten around to writing up a full review of the cards and book yet, but that’s on my to-do list for 2019, so stay tuned!

Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards with artwork by Christine Filipak and published by Monolith Graphics was kind of the talk of the town early in 2018. It was a deck I didn’t think I would like, but got because bandwagon, and then to my great surprise, loved it. I loved it so much I went and bought back-up copies to stash away.

It’s a fun, cheeky deck that has total fortune teller vibes to it and gives great, quick, spot-on readings. It’s also one of those well-tuned oracle decks for tapping in to archetypes in the unconscious through myth. I think Jung would approve. =)

The Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards are self-published by Gabriel Marihugh. You can order your copy through GameCrafter. This is one of those decks I really, really, really wish would get picked up by a mass market publisher because it’s amazing. It has a way more shamanic vibe than the current mass market published decks identifying as shamanic oracle decks. (If you are exploring modern shamanism, then the starter decks I recommend are either the Celtic Shaman’s Pack I mentioned earlier or this one, Wild Harmonic.) Wild Harmonic is everything you’re looking for in a modern mystic’s oracle deck.

There is so much to unpack here. Not only would you use these cards for divination, but also dreamwork, chakra energy work, energy cultivation, and so much more. You have to deep-dive into all the written content Marihugh has available about Wild Harmonic. The artwork is mesmerizing and presented perfectly on the circular cut cards.

Any of the bold-faced hyperlinked deck titles will take you to my written review of the deck from 2018. =)

I’m participating in Ethony’s 31 Days of Tarot, January 2019, tarot community challenge. This blog post answers the prompt for Day 3. To learn more about 31 Days of Tarot, check out the full listing of the prompts here on Ethony’s site.

Also, check out my original posts for each of the prompts on my Instagram, linked below.

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