Art Prints

I’m excited to  be offering these 12 talismanic art prints. (There’s actually a total of 14 options, because 2 of the prints come in 2 different versions. You’ll see in the descriptions below.) These art prints are based on illustrations from the forthcoming Revelation edition of the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot.

Talismanic art prints are illustrations designed as a pictorial sigil that can serve as a form of feng shui cure or magical spell-crafting. They’re energy amplifiers, like good luck charms that fortify your home or work space.  When I say “feng shui cure,” I mean that they are intended to be hung in certain areas of the home to better generate or streamline qi life force, to produce such a pattern and movement of qi that it increases opportunities, financial gains, health, wellbeing, etc.

Below, you can click to download the pdf of any print’s description and statement of intention.

Note: Frame not included in purchase order.

Art medium is pen & ink + digital paint. Meaning, the line drawings are done by hand in black ink, scanned and converted to a digital image file, then color is applied digitally.

  • Borderless Size: 8.5″ x 11″ (216 mm x 279 mm)
  • Border Size: 8″ x 10″ illustration on 8.5″ x 11″ white paper
  • Printed on 260 gsm 100% cotton fiber acid-free velvet fine art paper, textured matte, with archival ink
  • All art prints will bear my original signature
  • $20 per single art print + shipping
  • Buy 4 for $50 (comes out to $12.50 each) + shipping
  • If you buy all 12 options for $150, we’ll include the 2 extra variations for Kuan Yin and Summoning the Kitsune.
  • Shipping costs:
    • $7 for U.S., flat rate, no matter how many prints you buy, whether it’1, or 4, or all 12.
    • $12 for Canada, flat rate.
    • $17 for all other countries, flat rate.
  • We print to order; not mass-produced
  • Open edition prints

#1 – Sapere Aude (Dare to Know)


As talismanic art, where this print is placed, scholarship and learning shall thrive. I would frame and hang this near the study desk of a student. My Sapere Aude art print hangs in the northeast corner of my home office to help me advance quickly in all endeavors I seek to study and try to master.

“Sapere Aude,” meaning “dare to know,” was a motto attributed to the Renaissance and Age of Reason, preceding the Scientific Revolution. Pictured here is Maria Prophetissima, also known as Mary the Jewess, one of the earliest records of a female alchemist and scientist. She has been credited as the mother of western alchemy. Maria Prophetissima taught in Alexandria some time between 1 and 300 AD. Her doctrines were heavily influential on later Hermetic thought.

The background text is the first two chapters of Revelation (Apokalypsis) from the Latin Vulgate.  In essence, the text declares the revelations of a messianic figure, and that all who is in the presence of these words shall be blessed. The text prophesies that a great event is about to happen. The second chapter begins the letters addressed to the seven churches in Asia: do not forsake your faith; stay grounded and true to that faith, especially through times when worldly suffering is the most intense; stay committed to your practices of faith; and keep yourself tethered to the Light of Knowledge, not to false prophets who claim they can show you the way—your sincerity and practice of your faith is all that you need to find your way.

According to Eliphas Levi, there are three sacred books. The central or Fixed one of the three is the Book of Revelation, consisting of 22 chapters (the first, Cardinal, is the Book of Ezekiel, about the prophet Ezekiel’s 22-year exile in Babylon, and the third Mutable book is the one Levi withholds from naming, with posthumous speculations that the third is the Key of Solomon, 22 Major Keys of the Tarot, or an implied self-reference to his own text Transcendental Magic, consisting of 22 chapters).

SAPERE AUDE: Click here to download a PDF of the full description.

#2 – Isis, She of the Throne

Sacred Art; Reservoir of Magic

As talismanic art, where this print is placed, the Queen of Heaven, the Giver of Life, Lady of the Words of Power shall be present in unconditional support, and magic shall thrive.

Isis (Coptic: Ēse; also: Iset or Ueset), meaning “She of the Throne,” is hailed as a mother goddess, the divine emanation of magic, and the great healer.

The side profile of Isis is rendered in a naïve art style, or a style in tribute to Egyptian tomb paintings during the New Kingdom (1570 – 1544 BCE). Her skin is a yellow tone, reminiscent of sandstone, colored the way deities were colored—brown or sienna toned when depicting a male deity and light sandstone or yellow toned when depicting a female deity. Here, Isis is portrayed as wearing Hathor’s headdress—a red sun disk between cow horns.

The ideograms form passages relating to high priests and their spells, words of power and enchantment, empowering the illustration as a battery that will charge and amplify your magic and spell-crafting when done in the presence of Isis. Behind the throne is the phrase, “I will be your protection,” a passage commonly found in the spells of Egyptian antiquity.

ISIS: Click here to download a PDF of the full description.

#3 – Anubis, Great Protector

Sacred Art; Guardian for Ancestor Altar

Anubis (or Anpu) is a jackal-headed god of the underworld and of the embalming process, symbolic of the initiatory passage between life and death. Anubis was the god of the dead before he passed that title to Osiris. He was known as the Counter of Hearts, Master of Secrets, Prince of the Court of Justice, and Chief of the Necropolis.

Placed by an ancestor altar, Anubis protects the souls of the dead. Here he guards the Scales of Truth that hold Maat’s feather (an icon of Maat appears on the beam, facing the side of the balancing scales with her feather). The scarab and necromancer’s moon, along with the visionary landscape of the underworld conjures a bridge between worlds. Here, Anubis amplifies the powers of mediumship.

For the necromancer and ceremonial magician, Anubis becomes an incredible system of support in your ritual magic. For those seeking to achieve a long-time undertaking of personal transformation, working with Anubis will certainly help facilitate that process. A humble yet sincere altar to Anubis, with offerings from the heart is all that is needed to win over this prince, this Master of Secrets.

I hold the deepest reverence and admiration for Anubis. His fierce loyalty to Isis, who cared for him when he was abandoned by his own parents, his objectivity, impartiality, abilities as a physician who can heal those not yet ready for death are all attributes humanity today could be inspired by. He stepped away from his rulership over the underworld to give that position of sovereignty to Osiris, not because he was forced to, but because he always does what’s right and fair, for fairness and right’s sake alone. This is not one who seeks glory; just one who seeks balance. Here is a god who exemplifies honor and integrity.

ANUBIS: Click here to download a PDF of the full description.

#4 – Heru Sees All

Petitioning Horus for Protection During Troubled Times

This is talismanic art for dark times. May the spiritual beacon represented by the Lighthouse of Alexandria perpetually illuminate for you and guide you through the most perilous nights of your soul.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria was dedicated to the Savior Gods, featuring reliefs and statues of the god Horus. Here it’s symbolic of protection and defense, a watcher through your nights, always and ever present to illuminate the path of light to guide you through your most treacherous hours. In Egyptian mythos, eyes weren’t just for seeing, but were sources of action and causation, so gazing at this empowered art shall enable you to seek out the insights you most need, guided by Heru.

The wedjet, or Eye of Horus, is painted here as a charmed symbol of protection. The wedjet wards evil and diverts danger away from you. It serves as a form of magical security to safeguard the environment wherever this empowered image is present.

Horus, or Heru, is the falcon-headed Egyptian god of the skies; the sun and moon are his eyes. The Egyptians believed in a bifurcated representation of the god Horus: he was Horus the Elder, a primordial god, and he was also Horus the Younger, the sky god and son of Isis. As a sky god, Horus sees all, and thus bears witness to every injustice that is committed. Call upon Horus to avenge wrongs that have been done to you. He is The Redeemer, with the power to bring earthly salvation to humans, and so in times of dire need, petition Horus to save you from jeopardy.

This illustration of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, built around 250 BC on the island of Pharos, was a study of the golden ratio.

HERU: Click here to download a PDF of the full description.

#5 – Medea, Protector of Witches

Witch’s Protection of the Inner Temple

In Greek mythology, Medea is a sorceress and priestess of Hecate, granddaughter of the sun god Helios, and niece to Circe.

As a priestess of Hekate, Medea is an extraordinary symbol of Hekate’s power—“By Hekate, goddess I worship more than all the others, the one I choose to help me in this work, who lives with me deep inside my home, these people won’t bring pain into my heart and laugh about it.” (from Euripedes’ Medea, English trans. by Ian Johnston). Embodying Medea, you shall never be a passive victim and no injustice shall be done onto you that won’t be rectified. May she remind you to defy a culture that would marginalize you.

As a goddess of crossroads and liminal passageways, Hekate grants protection against malice and demons, and thus for witches, she is a savior goddess. The intention set for this talismanic art print is to protect the home and more importantly, to protect the witch’s place. You honor Hekate by remembering Medea’s sorrows. The message conveyed here: “I, too, am a priestess of Hekate, and so I hereby stand with Medea and all who her story represents.”

Painted on the amphora, symbolic of her mastery over potions magic, is the evil eye, a protection charm that wards evil and safeguards you from those who intend to do you harm. In her right hand, she holds a bouquet of angelica blossoms. In many magical traditions, angelica is believed to hold exorcistic powers to ward demons, banish negativity from your life, cure poisonings, and to protect the witch.

I hang this print near my working table, where I mix my loose incense, render my sigils, create talismans and charms, and where I write in my grimoire.

MEDEA: Click here to download a PDF of the full description.

#6 – The Magi of Persepolis

Magus’s Protection of the Inner Temple

Persepolis (Old Persian: Parsa) was a ceremonial capital of Persia’s Achaemenid Empire, around 500 BC, a remote and hard-to-reach site nestled in the mountains. The three magi wielding scepters that form a geometric pyramid conjure and hold power for you, the magus, to draw from in your own workings. The points of the three scepters feature colors representing the Tria Prima. In the background, a watcher priest stands at a distance, so that you always have free range over your own magic, but is also close enough to stand guard and ensure your safety. He wields a magical staff that empowers him to send you signs and omens to protect you along your magical path. The enchantress in the front, with a bird of prey perched upon her right hand, is assertive, active magical power. Her image flows off the edges of the composition to signify her connection to your world.

The composition is also a metaphor for the magus’s inner temple, symbolizing mastery of the three essential methods of magic: working of the trinity, a figure for the cone of power that charges intentions and spell-crafting; protection magic; and assertive, transmutational magic. Utilizing the design of Persepolitan columns, these columns feature opposite-facing white bulls, an animal held as sacred since prehistoric times, believed to possess a life force imbued by the gods with magical power. This is the Mesopotamian Bull of Heaven, with the depiction reminding the magus that “one is the two, and two is the one.” You’ll count a total of 15 columns here, representing the magic number from the 3 x 3 magic square, a foundational principle found universally in various traditions of magic and mystery schools.

The figures featured here are from various cards the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck assembled into one illustration. I drew one of the Persepolitan columns, scanned it in, and then used mathematical calculations to duplicate and resize the columns, creating the temple.

THE MAGI: Click here to download a PDF of the full description.

#7 – Upahara

Prosperity; Healthy Romances

Upahāra means “Gift” in Punjabi. The magical intention set for this art print is for it to perpetually and generously attract gifts toward you, to be received by you from heaven, earth, and fellow humankind. As a talismanic sigil, this art print assures that you shall never be without; Heaven sees you and shall move the earth and all its people to make sure you are provided for. Above, the divine hand of Spirit reaches down to give. The essence from Spirit will soon manifest as riches, prosperity, and abundance in your life. Below, a hand receives, and the golden sphere is now solid.

The design of the arched gateway and the feature of the gurdwara (a temple, with the etymological meaning, “door to the guru”) creates a nexus between the celestial, immortal realms and your mundane world, so that the gifts of spirit may pass easily through.

Per feng shui principles, placing this art print as a talisman in the southeast corner of your home or in the room you work from will empower it as a magnet that attracts financial gains and business opportunities toward you. Place a prosperity bowl or altar nearby—an intentional arrangement of charms that evoke wealth and affluence to you.

Placing this art print in the southwest corner of your home will empower it as a magnet that draws healthy, mutually beneficial, beneficent romantic relationships toward you, or help to maintain the health of an existing romantic relationship. Routinely burning a soft pink, honeydew-toned, or pastel candle nearby helps, as they say, keep the flame alive.

UPAHARA: Click here to download a PDF of the full description.

#8 – Opulence

Prosperity; Affluence; Plenitude

As talismanic art, this art print shall attract abundance, plenitude, the riches of life, and affluence. I hang this print up along the north wall of my home, corresponding with the career sector.

The noblewoman, a magical enchantress, holds and anchors those energies of abundance, plenitude, riches, and affluence to your environment and to your life. The “paintings within a painting” compositional study here celebrates and amplifies artistic creativity. “Opulence” is an envisioning of a boyar’s palace, inspired by the Jordan Staircase of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, using as reference an 1866 painting of that same name by Konstantin Ukhtomsky. The foreground features a noblewoman who happens to be gifted with peculiar, supernatural powers.

OPULENCE: Click here to download a PDF of the full description.

Way of the Warrior

Sacred Art; Amplifies Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Strength

The Mysterious Lady of the Ninth Heaven (九天玄女, Jiu Tian Xuan Nu) first descended from the nine heavens to earth when the Yellow Emperor was at his lowest point, on the brink of losing his nation. She taught him the art of war and the art of magic. Mystery traditions and martial arts lineages across Asia, most notably in southeast Asia, venerate the Lady of the Ninth Heaven.

As talismanic art, this art print shall expedite your learning and cultivation of discipline, tenacity, and occult knowledge. The art evokes the presence of the Lady of the Ninth Heaven so that she may be one of your spiritual teachers. Invoking her brings you strength, fearlessness, and amplifies your powers, in the way the cloaked warrior’s fighting staff has magnified, symbolizing attained supernatural capabilities.

WAY OF THE WARRIOR: Click here to download a PDF of the full description.

Kuan Yin, The One Who Hears You

#10A – Closed Eyes
#10B – Open Eyes

Sacred Art; Spiritual and Psychic Protection

Kuan Yin (Korean: Gwan-Eum; Japanese: Kannon; Vietnamese: Quan-Am) is the East Asian manifestation of the Buddhist bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. Avalokiteshvara was born male, but chose to transition into a female divine form as Kuan Yin.

She associates herself closest to those who have been most marginalized and neglected. Kuan Yin is the personification of unconditional agape love and charity. She dispenses her aid based on the sincerity of your need, not based on merit or religious faith.

Upon her crown sits one emanation of the Amithaba Buddha, who was Kuan Yin’s spiritual teacher and who showed her the path to enlightenment. The dew she pours from her vases wash away pain and suffering. The dharma wheel (dharma chakra), or Wheel of the Law, is a representation of the Eightfold Path.

As talismanic art, this print blesses the home with the presence of Kuan Yin, to alleviate your suffering when you need mercy and compassion the most. May she be the unconditionally loving, protective, nurturing Mother who is here for you, who understands your pain when no one else does. Kuan Yin is here to listen, to understand, to surround you with Love.

The background features the full text of the Great Compassion Mantra (大悲咒, Da Bei Zhou). Click here to download the full text of the dharani.

KUAN YIN: Click here to download a PDF of the full description.

#10A – Closed Eyes

In classical depictions of Kuan Yin, her eyes gaze downward, as if focused intently in meditation. (One of her titles is She Who Gazes Down Upon the World.) The Closed Eyes version of the Kuan Yin art print is in homage to that classical depiction of her. This would be considered the more traditional portrayal of Kuan Yin.

#10B – Open Eyes

Here, I’ve illustrated the bodhisattva as looking up and outward, at you. You are seen. She is listening. She hears you. Her eyes gazing straight out also indicates that she isn’t gazing down at the world, but she is right here, on the ground, with us, by our side, her presence materialized in the many acts of beneficence, compassion, and mercy we witness around us. May her eyes looking straight outward remind us that mercy and compassion are not lofty ideals beyond us, but are the blessings we impart to our world, invoked by us.

Summoning the Kitsune

#11A – Sunrise
#11B – Midnight

Petitioning the Fox Spirit; Business Success

The nine-tailed fox spirit appears across many Asian folk traditions. In Japanese Shinto, the kitsune is a fox spirit who is a messenger for Inari, a kami or nature spirit that personifies prosperity, business and industry success, and metallurgy.  In Korean folklore, the nine-tailed fox is a powerful shape-shifting spirit called gumiho. In Chinese Taoism, the fox spirit is the hulijing and is associated with witchcraft. The nine-tailed fox is Huxian Niangniang, or the Immortal Fox Lady, a goddess with attributes and traits similar to Inari.

In traditional Asian witchcraft, the close bond between a witch and the nine-tailed fox spirit is what gives witches their powers. Petition a kitsune for favors related to financial gains, business or career success, or to improve your witchcraft.

KITSUNE (FOX SPIRIT): Click here to download a PDF of the full description.

#11A – Sunrise

The “day” version of “Summoning the Kitsune” features her enlivened and active at the hour of sunrise. For those seeking business and commercial success, financial gains, affluence, and prosperity, opt for the Sunrise version.

#11B – Midnight

The “night” version of “Summoning the Kitsune” features her enlivened and active at midnight. For those seeking to work with the kitsune in ritual magic and as a witch’s spiritual and psychic guide, opt for the Midnight version.

#12 – The Memory Keeper

Blessings of Joy, Celebrations, and Cheer

This talismanic art print serves as a feng shui cure that can bring more levity, joy, cheer, and a lightness of heart to occupants of a home. Place the print in the northwest area of a home as a connector between heaven and earth, so that the blessings of heaven can more easily flow and merge with the qi or life force in the home. Place in the southwest area of a home or bedroom to nurture the health of a romantic relationship. I hang mine in the guest room.

The scene to the left of the six blessings of happiness captures memories of the past—the elder, the land poles recording the people’s history, and even the young man who is practicing to commit to his memory the ceremonial dances of his ancestors. The scene to the right captures memories that have yet to occur—the future and being able to foresee what is to come so that the diviner can enact safeguards and ensure the longevity of the people. The hatchlings in the foreground remind us that it is in innocence that we best experience joy.

May this charmed image bring happiness and cheer wherever it is presented.

THE MEMORY KEEPER: Click here to download a PDF of the full description.

Borderless & White Border Versions

Left: (A) Borderless version. Right: (B) Border version. Blue border for reference only, to show edge of paper. Note in border version, top and bottom margins are thicker than left and right.

You can choose between the (A) borderless art print option, and (B) the border version.

The (A) borderless version is an 8.5″ x 11″ art print with the illustration running to the edge of the paper.

The (B) border version is an 8″ x 10″ illustration printed on 8.5″ x 11″ white paper.

The purpose for the two options is to accommodate two different framing standards.


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A. BORDERLESS Version (8.5” x 11” print)
#A.1 Sapere Aude Borderless
#A.2 Isis Queen of the Gods Borderless
#A.3 Anubis Great Protector Borderless
#A.4 Heru Sees All Borderless
#A.5 Medea, Protector of Witches Borderless
#A.6 The Magi of Persepolis Borderless
#A.7 Upahara Borderless
#A.8 Opulence Borderless
#A.9 Way of the Warrior Borderless
#A.10A Kuan Yin Eyes Closed Borderless
#A.10B Kuan Yin Eyes Open Borderless
#A.11A Summoning the Kitsune Sunrise Borderless
#A.11B Summoning the Kitsune Midnight Borderless
#A.12 The Memory Keeper Borderless

B. BORDER Version (8” x 10” print w/ white border on 8.5” x 11” white paper)
#B.1 Sapere Aude with Border
#B.2 Isis Queen of the Gods with Border
#B.3 Anubis Great Protector with Border
#B.4 Heru Sees All with Border
#B.5 Medea, Protector of Witches with Border
#B.6 The Magi of Persepolis with Border
#B.7 Upahara with Border
#B.8 Opulence with Border
#B.9 Way of the Warrior with Border
#B.10A Kuan Yin Eyes Closed Border
#B.10B Kuan Yin Eyes Open Border
#B.11A Summoning the Kitsune Sunrise Border
#B.11B Summoning the Kitsune Midnight Border
#B.12 The Memory Keeper with Border


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Delivery Time

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Returns & Exchanges

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Framing Recommendations

To frame the (A) borderless version of the art print, you’ll want to find a “document frame” or “certificate frame” where the standard size will be 8.5″ x 11″ (US Letter). A handsome option is to find a 11″ x 14″ frame with an 8.5″ x 11″ picture mat for mounting.

Note that the standard size for picture frames is 8″ x 10″, so if that is the frame you will be using, or you’re opting for a 11″ x 14″ frame with an 8″ x 10″ picture mat, then opt for the (B) border version of the art print. Some 8″ x 10″ frames won’t require you to trim off the white border of the print, while others will. So please know that in some instances, for your border version of the print to fit in an 8″ x 10″ frame, you may need to cut off the white borders.

Talismanic Art for Grimoire 1

Grimoire Art

These prints aren’t just for hanging and display. They would make great illustrations for the interior front or back cover of your working grimoire. You may need to trim the edges slightly, depending on the size of your book, and then paste it onto the cover page with an extra strength scrapbook gluestick or adhesive.

Talismanic Art for Grimoire 2

As interior front or back cover art in your grimoire, these talismanic prints bring an amplification effect to the magic you’ve crafted.

SPELL-CRAFTING LEGAL DISCLAIMER: In certain jurisdictions, I am required to post a disclaimer about the nature of spell-crafting as being for entertainment purposes only. I cannot guarantee the efficacy of talismanic art. Thus, please do not in any way rely on my claims of spell-crafting and instead, please enjoy these art prints for art’s sake only. All that said, also know that crafting talismanic art is a personal practice of my religious faith and I take my intention setting, ritual work, and esoteric craft very seriously.