Twelve Month Forecast Reading

Tarot Deck Pictured: The Golden Universal by Lo Scarabeo
Tarot Deck Pictured: The Golden Universal by Lo Scarabeo

$65.00 USD

A projections reading takes into account the “known” metaphysical variables at play in your life path and uses it to project forward for a given period of time. For more information about my approach to projections, read my “About Your Reading” page.

This would be an ideal birthday reading that projects into the coming year for you. Order one at the start of a New Year to help you prepare for the twelve months of 2017 ahead of you. My default approach is to identify the fiscal quarter that the month we are doing your reading is part of, and start there. Thus, for example, for a New Year reading, we begin the twelve-month forecast with January. If this is a birthday reading and we are doing your divination in, say, May, then the first card drawn will be for the previous April, then the second card for the present month May, then the third for June, and onward for twelve cards that represent four fiscal quarters.

Now let’s talk about this reading.

After you provide me with your birth details, I will construct your natal chart and the solar returns chart for the year we’re running the twelve-month projections for. The first section of your reading will be an interpretation of your solar returns chart for that year, or divinatory personal astrology.


We’ll talk about which areas of life will come forward to center stage in the given year and where you should be in terms of career and personal relationship progress, per your natal chart. We’ll talk about the general outlook for that year for various aspects of life.

If there is a particular subject area you’d like me to focus on, let me know! You can ask several questions and while I won’t be doing tarot readings specifically for those questions, I’ll keep them in mind and try to answer them as they may come up in the course of your projections reading.

In other words, if you’re curious whether love is in the cards and charts for you next year, this reading won’t necessarily do a divination specifically on that question. However, I will keep your question in mind while I run the forecasts, and keep an eye out on anything love and romance related, and anything pertinent to that topic, I will spend a little extra time on in your reading.


Based on your birth chart, I’ll select a signifier (or significator) card in tarot to anchor a tarot divination toward your personal energetic field. Then we commence the tarot portion of your projections reading.


For this reading service, I’ll open the four words, corresponding with the four elements, and identify the area of life to focus most on in the coming year. If you’re proficient with the tarot, then you might recognize this as part of the First Operation per the Opening of the Key divination. In this reading, we won’t go in-depth with the First Operation. We only open the four worlds to divine on area of focus.

Then I will draw twelve cards in total, positioned into the four quarters of a full year period. Coverage for each card is brief, but insightful and gives just what you need to be empowered for that month. We also draw patterns per fiscal quarter, so for every three-month period in the twelve-month cycle, we’ll talk about some overarching patterns that emerge for the quarter. We’ll cover which area of life seems to be the focus for each month, what might come up, events, and which months are auspicious for what.

Most notably, for the twelve month projections, we’ll continually cross-reference the tarot cards back to your solar returns chart and note the significant patterns, synchronicities, and what seems to be consistently emphasized across both your solar returns chart for the year and the twelve cards we’ve drawn for your tarot reading.


Then we’ll cover six major areas of life– (1) career, (2) financial, (3) health and wellness, (4) personal relationships, (5) life purpose development, and (6) personal spirituality. I’ll be using the above-pictured spread for this section of your reading.

In total, this reading will cover your solar returns chart, a common birthday or New Year divination to forecast what is up ahead, a divination that contacts Spirit directly to reveal which area of life you’re being asked to focus on in the coming year, a twelve-card reading that will project and forecast twelve months, and then a final divination that addresses specifically six key areas of life.

If you have any specific areas you’d like me to focus on, please let me know in your reading request and I’ll happily oblige. If you have a list of questions you’d like me to try to cover, send it along and I’ll see what comes up in your reading that matches and answers your questions, and point those out specifically in your reading. However, please note that this reading service is not a divination for specific questions per se, so if you want specific questions divined upon, then consider one of the other divinatory services I offer, such as the Single Question Divination, for one question, or the Tarot Plus Divination, for up to three questions I’ll answer head on.

Delivery Time

Estimated delivery time from date I respond to your reading request is fourteen (14) days. Given the large quantity of requests I receive, at any time that delivery time could be up to 20 (twenty) days, but I will let you know in advance what my schedule is.

I cannot fulfill rush orders. If you need a divinatory answer sooner than the delivery time I estimate for you, then this reading service is not going to be right for you. You’ll want to seek service elsewhere.

Payment Details

Payment will be by PayPal or by e-mail of an Amazon gift card in the stated dollar amount. Payment will be after receipt of your reading.

My Tarot Readings

Tarot is my thing. I’ve studied tarot longer and with more intensity than I have studied anything, and that includes music, which I started when I was five years old (and was a huge part of my life for a very long time, though I stopped around college), and even my legal education and later, legal practice. How insane is that.

If you’ve never gotten a tarot reading before and think that it involves setting your future in stone, then let me just tell you that I am hypersensitive with my care for showing you what the paths are only, not what you will do or what will happen. I believe very strongly that your life is a garden of forking paths, not a single one-way road, and so I see my job as a reader as helping you map out and see ahead of time all the different possibilities of those forking paths.

Note that I do not limit a tarot reading session to just tarot, even though the meat and potatoes of the session will be the cards. I may from time to time bring in natal astrology (if you’ve given me the needed birth chart info), I Ching divination, numerology, or any other form of divination that I practice.

Plus, if you provide your date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth, I’ll construct your natal chart and we’ll take a quick glance at that for reference during your tarot reading session. Otherwise, a date of birth or even just your horoscope sign will suffice in the selecting of a signifier (or significator) card. I use significators in my approach to tarot.

For $65, you’re getting:

  • E-mail of your preliminary divination results, with any relevant photographs attached
  • JPG file of the divinatory readings performed
  • PDF file of the reading to your question presented, sent to you by e-mail as an attachment, along with any relevant photographs

To order yours today, just e-mail me the following:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Location of Birth
  • Location of Residence for the Twelve Months
  • Gender You Identify As
  • Any specific subjects you’d like me to focus on
  • A list of any questions you’d like me to look out for, to see if the forecast will answer

Email contact:

benebellwen (at) gmail (dot) com

For a full service listing of divinatory reading options I offer, click on the banner.
For a full service listing of divinatory reading options I offer, click on the banner.