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Deck in Photograph: Tarot of the Holy Light

$130.00 USD

If you’re overwhelmed by reading lots and lots of pages of type, then this is not going to be the right reading service for you.

This reading is, well, a lot of reading.

What I hope to present to you is a comprehensive full-service divinatory experience that not only addresses up to three of your inquiries, short-term or otherwise, but also presents revelatory insights that you’ll want to revisit time and time again in the future.

A complete tarot divination session from me is both a general reading and a specific reading. It will be subdivided into two parts.

The first part, the general reading, is my adaptation of the First Operation, where I am more or less taking free reign to tell you what divinatory and revelatory insights are coming through, irrespective of what your questions are. Almost always this preliminary divination will begin to touch upon the questions you’ve asked, but it could very well bring up surprising results. The purpose of the preliminary divination is to give you a broad-sighted road map for your life.

Deck: Tarot of the Holy Light by Christine Payne-Towler and Michael Dowers
Deck: Tarot of the Holy Light by Christine Payne-Towler and Michael Dowers

The second part is when you get to be in control. You can ask me up to three (3) specific questions that I will divine upon. There are no limitations to what you may ask, other than my ethical code as a tarot reader. However, you must come up with those three questions yourself. I cannot help you come up with the questions or insert my discretion to tell you what questions I think you should ask. You have to arrive at your specific questions by yourself and if you cannot come up with three, we will divine on just the number of questions you have.

I do reserve the right to rephrase your questions, though we will certainly talk about it and you’ll have the opportunity to approve or reject my rephrasing prior to commencement. Based on my experience as a reader, sometimes I can spot questions phrased in a way that might not optimize your divination experience or I intuit that you’re really trying to ask one thing but the way you’ve phrased your question is vague and will produce an entirely different answer than what I think you want. Again, we’ll have a clear, unambiguous conversation about this prior to commencement.

Deck in Photograph: Tarot of the Holy Light
Deck in Photograph: Tarot of the Holy Light

Typically, seekers will ask about career or employment prospects, love and relationships, family relations, business goals, or a divinatory consultation for a major life decision. You can also ask about your spiritual path, higher calling or life purpose, or what manifestations of Spirit are guiding you on your path. Sometimes I do get asked whether there are particular unseen spirit, metaphysical, or supernatural forces around someone that such a person might want to be aware of. I’m open to divining on such inquiries as well.

However, if you seek insight into past lives, then I recommend the Past Life Reading option. If you’re inquiring about your soul’s purpose or looking for a supplement to your personal shadow work, then I recommend the Inner Light, Inner Darkness personal astrology reading option.

If you have a specific career question pertinent to where you are right now and the circumstances you find yourself in right now, then yes, this divination session would be optimal. However, if you don’t really have any specific questions and are just wondering about which career paths might be suitable for someone like you, then I recommend the Your Prosperity Advisor reading.

Deck in Photograph: Golden Universal by Lo Scarabeo
Deck in Photograph: Golden Universal by Lo Scarabeo

Delivery Time

Given my difficult schedule, I can’t provide an accurate estimate for delivery time. If that is not something you are okay with, then I won’t be the right reader for you. Typically, for these full session divination readings, I have been tendering delivery of the PDF to you via email within 30 days of the order confirmation.

I cannot fulfill rush orders. If you need a divinatory answer sooner than the delivery time I estimate for you, then this reading service is not going to be right for you. You’ll want to seek service elsewhere.

Payment Details

Payment will be by PayPal or by e-mail of an Amazon gift card in the stated dollar amount. Payment will be after receipt of your reading.

My Tarot Readings

Tarot is my thing. I’ve studied tarot longer and with more intensity than I have studied anything, and that includes music, which I started when I was five years old (and was a huge part of my life for a very long time, though I stopped around college), and even my legal education and later, legal practice. How insane is that.

If you’ve never gotten a tarot reading before and think that it involves setting your future in stone, then let me just tell you that I am hypersensitive with my care for showing you what the paths are only, not what you will do or what will happen. I believe very strongly that your life is a garden of forking paths, not a single one-way road, and so I see my job as a reader as helping you map out and see ahead of time all the different possibilities of those forking paths.

Note that I do not limit a tarot reading session to just tarot, even though the meat and potatoes of the session will be the cards. I may from time to time bring in natal astrology (if you’ve given me the needed birth chart info), I Ching divination, numerology, or any other form of divination that I practice.

Plus, if you provide your date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth, I’ll construct your natal chart and we’ll take a quick glance at that for reference during your tarot reading session. Otherwise, a date of birth or even just your horoscope sign will suffice in the selecting of a signifier (or significator) card. I use significators in my approach to tarot.

Deck in Photograph: Tarot of the Holy Light
Deck in Photograph: Tarot of the Holy Light

For $130, you’re getting:

  • JPG file of the divinatory readings performed
  • PDF written reading report subdivided into two parts: Part I is a general divinatory reading, no questions asked; Part II is a specific divinatory reading, addressing up to three (3) questions you want answered. PDF is minimum 15 pages.

To order yours today, just e-mail me the following:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth (Optional)
  • Location of Birth (Optional)
  • Gender You Identify As (Optional)
  • Your Three Questions for Divination

Email contact:

benebellwen (at) gmail (dot) com

For a full service listing of divinatory reading options I offer, click on the banner.
For a full service listing of divinatory reading options I offer, click on the banner.