Astrology Birth Chart Reading

Birth chart constructed with Solar Fire Gold v. 9.0.
Birth chart constructed with Solar Fire Gold v. 9.0.

$130.00 USD

This is a comprehensive birth chart reading report, about 100-ish pages in length, that covers the foundational points of natal astrology you’d commonly get read about you plus your choice of up to three other feature options, as noted below.

I will assemble your written reading report with the foundational points and your selected options into a PDF document with a navigable Table of Contents, so you can upload it to your e-book reader and jump from section to section with ease. If you choose to print it, it will be at the standard paper size of 8.5″ x 11.0″. I mention that because this reading report differs from the natal chart monograph service I offer.


Every written reading will include the following:

Astrological Trinity: Sun, Moon, Rising

We will cover your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign. It will cover elemental triplicities, distinctions between diurnal and nocturnal sect placement, house and sign analysis, decan rulership, significance of degrees for your sun, moon, and rising, significant angular aspects, and significance of moon phase at time of birth.

House and Sign Analysis

We will address what each of the zodiac signs mean as they fall in the twelve astrological houses of your birth chart. You have Pisces in the third…what does that mean exactly about your intellect, reasoning ability, way of thinking and communicating? Say that your ninth house is occupied by the sign Libra. What are the implications there? This section will go through the twelve houses and how the signs in those twelve houses of your chart mean about your life path, your fate, fortunes, and personality. Since I read with the whole sign houses system, we’ll cover generalities about the signs in your twelve astrological houses per your ascendant.

Elemental Analysis

Are you Fire, Water, Air, or Earth dominant and what would be the implications of such elemental dominance? Are you Fire, Water, Air, or Earth weak and what are those implications? How do you support your elemental weaknesses to create greater balance and harmony in your life? Based on elemental analysis, who are your spirit attendants from the animal kingdom (also referred to as animal totems)?

Planets in Their Houses and Signs

We’ll address house and sign analysis for the following natal planets:

  • Mercury (Mind & Voice),
  • Venus (Magnetic Attraction),
  • Mars (Ambition & Conquest),
  • Jupiter (Luck of the Draw),
  • Saturn (Discipline & Perspective),
  • Uranus (Your Ingenuity),
  • Neptune (Creative Intuition),
  • Pluto (The Curveball),
  • Chiron (The Hero’s Journey),
  • Ceres (Access to Resources), and
  • Eris (Psychological Projections).

The Midheaven: Your Higher Purpose

Your reading will also cover your midheaven sign and, since I read under the whole sign houses system, whether there are any discrepancies between your midheaven and tenth house. Please note that some of the options below that you would add on to your reading include the midheaven as a component of that option. If you don’t choose one of those options, then your reading will still cover your midheaven. If you choose one of those options, then your midheaven analysis will only appear in one place.

Hemisphere and Quadrant Analysis

Are you north or south hemisphere dominant and what does that mean about you? East or west dominant and that implication? Which quadrant of your chart is going to dominate in your life? Also, this feature will give you a life chronology of how to navigate the four quadrants of your life– (a) birth to age 21, (b) age 21 to 42, (c) age 42 to 63, and (d) age 63 and onward.

Chart Shape & Unique Patterns

I have a lot to say about stelliums and grand trines. If there is a stellium or a grand trine in your birth chart and you would like to know more about the implications of your specific stellium or grand trine, then this option will appeal to you. However, if there is no stellium or grand trine in your chart, then this option makes no sense.

I will also cover the overall chart shape and its implications in this option, your leading planet, along with assessment of any peregrine or besieged planets I observe, any other unique angular patterns (such as the Yod, or Hand of God), any elevated planets, Herculean Ternaries, Mark of an Empath, etc.


When you book your reading, let me know which three (3) of the below options you’d like me to assemble for your written reading report.

A | Key Sensitive Points

Here let’s talk about the key sensitive points, or personal sensitive points, beyond just the ascendant and midheaven. This section will cover:

  • co-ascendant, i.e., how you relate to others
  • polar ascendant, i.e., how others superficially perceive you
  • north and south lunar nodes, i.e., your pursuit of happiness, personal karma, and soul fragmentation that needs healing

B | Inner Darkness, Inner Light: Chiron, Lilith, & Selena

Please note that this is its own standalone reading option, here. However, it can also be one of three options you bundle into this more comprehensive birth  chart reading. This feature will cover the following astrological features:

  • Chiron house and sign analysis, plus conjunctions, i.e., your soul purpose
  • Black moon Lilith house and sign analysis, plus conjunctions, i.e., your inner shadow
  • White moon Selena house and sign analysis, plus conjunctions, i.e., your inner light

C | Personal Numerology

This section diverges from astrology to add on the realm of numerology. We’ll cover:

  • Your Decisive Age and a progressed chart reading for your Decisive Age
  • Life Path number and tarot essence cards
  • Month, day, and week analysis
  • Numerological calculations for your innate gifts, hardships, inner motivation
  • The Lo Shu square personal numerology analysis

D | Hermetic Lot of Fortune + Lot of Spirit

The Hermetic Lot of Fortune (or Part of Fortune) reveals your path to fortune, material prosperity, and success, or at least is one of several features in a birth chart that talks about fortune and wealth. Please note that the Lot of Fortune is also covered in the Your Prosperity Advisor reading option, a standalone reading service.

The Lot of Spirit house and sign analysis reveals who your spirit guides are, your archangel protector per Judeo-Christian mythos, your directional guardian per Chinese-Taoist mythos, and the general profile or character of the guardian spirits that specifically look after you. Please note that the Lot of Spirit is also covered in the standalone reading service, Inner Darkness and Inner Light.

E | Your Professional Potential

Let’s go beyond the midheaven sign and talk about prosperity and professional success insights revealed through your birth chart. Specifically, this section will cover:

  • comparison metrics for your career path (pursuing a STEM profession, social sciences, creative or performing arts, or entrepreneurship)
  • tenth house: glory and status
  • sixth house: the work that you do
  • second house: where is the money?
  • Hermetic Lot of Fortune: where to find reservoirs of financial opportunity
  • personal feng shui (your Kua number) for attracting prosperity

Please note that all of these facets are covered in the standalone reading service, Your Prosperity Advisor.

F | Love, Romance, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Who are you most compatible with? How might we reveal your lovers and your one great love? How about who you tend to attract sexually? Let’s also talk about your sensuality, fertility or virility, and what pastimes make up your pursuit of happiness. We’ll cover:

  • seventh house: love and relationships
  • eighth house: sexuality
  • fifth house: legacies, your capacity for creation, pursuit of happiness
  • Venus sign read specifically for love and romance
  • Juno sign read specifically for love and romance

G |  Jupiter Return + Saturn Return Dates

This option provides all of your Jupiter Return dates for a 100 year period from the date of your birth. Jupiter Returns mark the most auspicious periods in your life, at least per established astrological principles. This option also includes the dates for your First Saturn Return, Waxing and Waning Squares and Saturn Oppositions, your Second Saturn Return, and Third Saturn Return, and all the Waxing, Waning, and Oppositions in between.  This option also offers insights and recommendations on how to navigate your Saturn Returns. Saturn Returns mark the crossing of major thresholds in your life path.

H | Past and Present Life Continuum

This option covers past life astrology and how analysis of past life astrology relates to present life astrology for your moon sign, fourth house, eighth house, and twelfth house, but this time read through the framework of past life analysis.

Note that this option is the same as Part I of the Past Life Reading service, a standalone reading option I offer.

I | Your Key Asteroid Influences

There are about 45 asteroids I study and it does not make economical, practical, or even divinatory sense for us to cover all 45 asteroids in your chart. Instead, I’m going to look at key asteroid influences, but what “key” means will differ from individual to individual, case by case.

J | Esoteric & Spiritual Astrology

Although reading through an esoteric and spiritual lens is interwoven through all aspects of my astrology readings, here, we’re going to focus in on a couple of key astrological points that go beyond the mundane:

  • aphesis, or your zodiacal releasing dates per the Lot of Spirit and Lot of Fortune
  • esoteric astrology: the seven rays analysis of your chart
  • spiritual practices for your sign, per your sun, moon, ninth house, and Neptune: with specific subdivisions for (a) high achievement, (b) intuition or psychic ability, (c) closeness to divinity, and (d) creativity and ingenuity
  • Vesta in your birth chart
  • your social responsibility line

For $130, you’re getting:

  • JPG file of your birth chart constructed under the whole signs system
  • Minimum of 85 pages of single-spaced font size 12 text, 8″ x 10″ formatted PDF written reading report with the standard features and your three custom selected features

Comparison to the Birth Chart Monograph

I also offer a service called the birth chart monograph, which you can read more about here.

The birth chart monograph comes pre-formatted at the 6″ x 9″ trim size with pre-set margins and gutter for printing and binding into a standard trade size paperback or hard cover bound book. The $175 monograph also contains all of the above-listed content (except for the numerology section), whereas here, this $130 astrology birth chart reading contains some of it plus your choice of three extra sections, like three extra sides to supplement the meat and potatoes.

The monograph is prepared with the added intentions of the book being used to teach astrology and also to be used for bibliomancy by you throughout your life. On the other hand, this astrology birth chart reading is prepared at the standard 8.5″ x 10″ print paper size and presented as just a report, rather than an actual book, whereas the $175 monograph is intended to be an actual book.

The monograph is more than double the size of the birth chart reading. There are also a lot more personalized and customized written sections in the monograph than in the birth chart reading.

If $175 is a bit outside your budget but you want a comprehensive astrology reading about your birth chart, to help inform your life path, then the $130 reading is optimal. This $130 reading provides more details and I dare say more comprehensive than typical birth chart readings you’d get from astrologers at the $150 to $200 range (and still costs only $130) and will contain all the content you need to understand the fundamentals of your chart. The $175 investment option is for those who want a divinatory book for life, a book they can get printed, bound, and that can be referenced through the many stages of their lives.

Order Details

To order yours today, just e-mail me the following:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Location of Birth
  • Gender You Identify As
  • Current Location of Residence
  • Your Three Selections for the Written Reading

When providing birth details, please provide it as follows:

January 21, 1971
12:21 am
San Francisco, California

Here’s another example of properly submitted birth details:

March 15, 1993
12:40 pm
Paris, France

Here is an example of improper birth details:

Ten minutes after the morning of that day’s midnight hour
Nova Scotia, Canada

Why is the above improper? First, whether the birthday is March 6 or June 3 will depend on the country’s cultural norm and I don’t have time to figure this out. Second, just tell me whether you were born at 12:10 am or 12:10 pm. I get inundated with reading requests. I can’t process your birth details cogently if you don’t help me out a little. Finally, Nova Scotia is a province in Canada. I need the city name. E.g., Halifax, Canada [Nova Scotia]

Delivery Time

Given my difficult schedule, I can’t provide an accurate estimate for delivery time. If that is not something you are okay with, then I won’t be the right reader for you. Typically, for these personal astrology reading reports, I have been tendering delivery of the PDF to you via email within 30 days of the order confirmation.

Email contact:

benebellwen (at) gmail (dot) com

For a full service listing of divinatory reading options I offer, click on the banner.
For a full service listing of divinatory reading options I offer, click on the banner.