My Responses to #13TarotTubeQuestions

I’m a big fan of Atypical Tarot‘s channel and have recently become familiar with Astral Lady Tarot, so this was a lot of fun to watch.

Here are my responses to the #13TarotTubeQuestions.

1. What are your favorite videos to watch?

Group discussions, when several TarotTubers get together and chat about a topic. For example, Three Fat Readers with Lisa Papez of Supportive Tarot, Dani Mystic, and Dustin from Modern Metaphysicae, or the Three Girls, One Deck series with Juli from Peekaboorose, Sarah of Sunset Bough Tarot, and Heather Carter.

I also enjoy watching candid chats when people get real and honest about their experiences with the tarot community.

Remember the grainy, poorly-lit midnight rants and unfiltered ramblings people filmed and posted on YouTube back in the early 2000s? Yeah. I miss those. Those were my favorite.

2. What are your favorite videos to film?

Asking me this question at this particular moment isn’t great timing. I’ve been feeling very bleh and meh about posting videos on YouTube.

Right now I’m more interested in supporting those on TarotTube and watching their videos. I kinda like just being a lurker in the TarotTube community. =)

3. What are your least favorite videos to watch?

Hmm. I’m not entirely sure, since I don’t negative-watch. If I’m not interested or I know it’s going to be unproductive for me to watch, then I just don’t. I move on.

And there’s no blanket theme or subject of videos I wholesale dislike. It’s more about individual case by case videos, you know?

4. What is your favorite part of the Tarot community?

My inner circle of bestest friends in real life right now are from the tarot community. These are my people. These are the ones I hold dear.

I also love how, generally speaking, the tarot community as a collective is enthusiastically supportive of independent artists. I love how they prop up artists, give them platforms, showcase their works, and are always generous with their time.

5. What is your least favorite part of the Tarot community?

When the tarot community becomes a mob, they forgo their magnanimity, and forget the humanity of those they’re going after.

6. What motivated you to start your channel?

It was 2014, just before Holistic Tarot would debut. I had an in-person sit-down with a PR person at North Atlantic Books. We were sitting in a conference room at their Berkeley offices. The PR person asked me, “Have you thought about starting a YouTube channel?”

And that’s how I got started.

Jean Dodal Tarot by Justin Michael and Shell David (of East Tarot)

7. Who most inspires you on Youtube?

I love Thorn Mooney‘s YouTube channel, and Jack Chanek‘s. Love the book reviews and odd bits and bobs on Foolish Fish. I’ve also been digging ScholarBot Tarot and Sorsha Soaring, just to name a few.

8. Number 1 thing you would change about the Youtube Tarot community?

That’s not how I roll. I wouldn’t change a thing about the Youtube Tarot community. It’s what it is. You embrace it for its better and you accept it for its worse.

9. Number 1 advice for other creators/new people starting out a channel?

Join in on hashtag prompts circulating in the tarot community, or post videos with titles featuring keywords that tarot enthusiasts are most likely going to search for.

That way we tarot enthusiasts can find you. =)

10. What do you like about Youtube as a whole?

I mean. Where else am I going to get a step by step video tutorial on how to fix the plumbing under my bathroom sink? Learn about Psychopathology as taught by a licensed professional counselor? Teach myself digital painting techniques? Or see what’s going on in every part of the world? Learn about religions I’ve never even heard of? Crochet a beanie hat? Get hieroglyphics lessons and learn how to read Middle Egyptian? Book-binding for beginners?

Honestly, I have leveled up in my skills in every single area of life thanks to Youtubers posting video tutorials.

11. What is a deck/ divination tool you use alone but don’t show or use online?

I might not have shown my own actual readings or filmed me using certain types of divination tools, but I’ve certainly talked about those divination methods. Like jiao bei moon blocks.

Have I shown or used I Ching online? Can’t remember. Though for sure going forward you’ll probably see more of it, now that Book 3, I Ching, The Oracle is coming out.

12. What is a deck you want but won’t buy because you don’t support the creator/ publisher?

Answering the question as it’s worded, there is no deck I want to buy but won’t because I don’t support its creator or publisher.

13. What has been your most memorable experience being a part of TarotTube?

It’s the people I’ve become good friends with that’s most memorable. Individual persons I can name that are, themselves, the most memorable experiences. The one-on-one and heart-to-heart chats.

3 thoughts on “My Responses to #13TarotTubeQuestions

  1. Irvina Mitchell

    When YouTube started censoring people’s opinions I looked for alternatives that did not censor. I found Rumble, Odysee and Vimeo amoung others. Just because YouTube is not currently censoring the Tarot community does not give it a pass IMHO. It’s the principle, the ethics.


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