SKT Ongoing Packing & Deliveries: Quick Update

Just a quick update, and then I’ll be out, because lots of work. =) If you want to see progress photos, check out the Instagram account @bellwen. It’s much easier and faster for me to just snap some pics of what I’m doing while I’m doing it, peck out a caption, and boom, post.

As of this writing, we have about 500 decks left, give or take.

We also removed the “Standard Package” and “Premium Package” distinction. Now the only option is the deck + Book of Maps e-book (formerly the “Premium Package”). Shipping costs have also gone up.

We are not even halfway through packing and shipping out the pre-orders, let alone the orders that flooded in after the actual decks arrived and photos of it started surfacing on social media. Thank you to all you wonderful friends who shared flip-throughs, photos, and first impressions of the SKT Revelation!

Some interesting trivia about packing and shipping out your decks: We can prepare for shipping about 100 U.S. packages in one day, but we can only prepare for shipping about 17 packages outbound for Australia, or international orders in general. That’s right. In the amount of time it takes us to fulfill 100 domestic orders, we can fulfill only about 20 international ones. That is just how much extra work it takes to fulfill international orders.

So if Wednesday was “packing international orders day,” then that means we only fulfilled about 17 to 20 pre-orders. On U.S. days, we can ship out 100. But then some days day job work takes over and we can only complete about 50. So I hope that gives you a sense of the scope of this undertaking.

Omigods I cannot unsee that. ARGH.

You know what’s so aggravating though? The first “final” file I submitted to the manufacturer for the box design was just fine.

Check this out, even a subsequent submitted file was just fine.

Hey look– fourth version sent also fine.

We were having production design proofing issues, however. For some reason the same exact template for the packaging design I used for SKT 1 and SKT 2 was not working now. And it was evident to James and I that the factory incurred some sort of major in-house design or production process change, but wasn’t telling us about it. They couldn’t get our proofs to align correct, so I had to keep doing the image file over and over… and over again.

And it wore me out so much that by the time I got to the final iteration of it, there you see the problem– the very last proofs I submitted, there was an issue with the gemstone inside the “O.” That’s because when I approved those proofs, I was too busy looking at the alignment issue, since that was the problem we kept having.


Anyway now you know the back story for the misaligned gemstone in the “O.”

I also made some minor changes or switch-arounds with the scheduling for the SKT orientation video series. A video is still scheduled to go up around midnight my time zone every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, though the series is almost done. =) I might add more if you want to throw out any ideas for what else you want to see me make a video on that’s SKT related. =)

17 thoughts on “SKT Ongoing Packing & Deliveries: Quick Update

  1. Angele

    Gosh I can’t wait to receive my deck! But I also understand the huge endeavor that it is to ship around the world! I’m a relatively new Tarot student, and am about 7 month into my learning. I’ve read about 20 books, & I{m presently reading Holistic Tarot. I love your Sightsee the Tarot series, I follow along with my cards, and when I finish the video, I feel like I’ve just done something magical! It would be cool if you made a similar series with the Revelation edition. You’re an amazing teacher! When I finish the Holistic Tarot and the Book of Maps, I’ll definitely be taking some of your courses! Thank you! 🙏🏻


    1. Angele McMurphy Jackson

      Hello, I was surprised to see someone else with my 1st name. I have received my copy of this deck & it is beautiful. You won’t be disappointed.


      1. Angele Legault

        Hi Angele! Right? It’s so rare that I encounter someone with the same first name as me! And in this community to boot! Have a great day! 🙂


      1. Wow -this work is so huge and magical -what an endeavour! My Twin sister is the Tarot reader in the family. I myself have only read The Way Of Cartouche by Murry Hope. I have always been hesitant to delve in to Tarot…looking at the breadth of all you have encapsulated in these beautiful cards ..I can feel them from here! Hahahahaha I’m looking forward to exploring the cosmos with your creation. Thank-you (someone had to do it)


    1. i still can’t see the error. So decided to quit looking for it so that I can’t unsee it too. Can’t wait for my deck to arrive. I am so excited. It just seem forever from pre-order to delivery (but i am just spoiled by amazon prime delivery.)


  2. Ran

    I can’t wait to see my deck! last week I got my order number and track it, and yesterday I got the email that the package had arrived in Beijing. If there is no problem with customs, I will probably receive SKT3 next week. Last month I applied for you to translate English 2-3 cards to Chinese for writing SKT3 deck and atlas review, and publish on my Chinese social media. But I didn’t start because of my procrastination and other personal things. When I received the tracking message yesterday, I have finished the first part of the review today! And I broke this plan into several small plans, finishing a little each day. Moreover, I bought a new phone, which will also be shipped next week. I hope I can take photos of my new SKT3 with my new mobile phone, and be one of the first ones to review it publicly in China !!!
    Love u Bell


  3. Terri Pulley

    Just notified my deck will be delivered Monday!!! Can’t wait!
    Printing jobs are hard when you can physically be at the “press check”, I can’t imagine the stress dealing with a press in China. Calibration of computer screens, alignment, colors…whew! Congratulations to you for producing beautiful artwork, amazing oracle insights, producing and expediting an incredible product!


  4. Sister Nobody

    I saw the error immediately but I just take it as a “meant to be” First Edition thing! I’m not unhappy about it at ALL!! I love the imperfection of it….totally!!! I got mine over a week ago but decided to opening during the New Moon. I’ve been working with it daily and am…..over the Moon. LOL


  5. Cece

    Hey, can anyone tell me what the dimensions of the box are for the SKT III (LxWxH)? I’m having a tarot pouch made for my deck and I prefer to keep my decks in their boxes even in a pouch. My deck won’t arrive for a little while longer and I don’t want to miss out on my fabric choice. Any help anyone could give me with this would really be appreciated. Thanks!


  6. Andrew

    I just received my SKT deck the other day. HOLY WOWZA, this is amazing. I also picked up the Book of Maps and workbook. This is going to be a heck of a journey. Thank you so much for making your hard work available for us all! You’re amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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