SKT Revelation Pre-Orders: Possible Design Issue + Video Course Series III

Top Lid of Box Printing Error (in Some Decks)

It has come to our attention that a minority number of decks may come with a printing error. See photo above. If you receive a deck where the top lid’s inner panel is printed “upside down” in reference to the outside, please take a photo similar to the one above, where we see the mirror reflection plus the lid itself, and e-mail the photos to to report the problem. If you could do so ASAP and without delay, that’d be very helpful to us. We need your input to collect accurate data.

At this time, we do not know the scope of the problem. When I did my randomized test quality assurance, where you dip into different containers to open 20 different decks and check quality [these are then set aside for replacement cards, if any are needed, and of course, as personal reading decks later on], none of them had this issue.

Although that isn’t enough information to conclude any which way, at least my thinking right now is that only a very small number of decks will have this issue. But please report so we can start collecting data and figuring out a plan for how to remedy it to those who do receive this type of lid.

To those of you who have already written in and reported receiving such a deck, please sit tight. We got your report, are keeping a log, are still waiting to hear back from our manufacturer, and will respond to you as soon as we figure out what to do (and also, when we’ve got a better sense of the scope of this problem). Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Video Series on the Revelation Edition

There is a 10-video orientation course for the Revelation Edition of SKT. I’ve scheduled the videos out to three per week– Saturdays and Sundays back to back, and then one on Wednesdays.

Some of the videos include supplemental handouts, additional reading, or references for you to download, so be sure to check the Course Page. You can always find it by clicking on the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot tab in the menu bar at the top of this website.

A drop-down menu of contents under the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot heading will show up. Click on “Video Course Series III” for the one keyed to the Revelation.

If you’re new to SKT, then you might also want to check out some of the videos from Series I and Series II.


One of the kindest things you can do for a tarot deck creator is to share the deck publicly with your online social network.

Also, thank you to everyone who is sharing beautiful photos of their SKT decks! I’m sure I’m not the only indie deck creator to be tickled into pure delight every time I see my work being shared. It means everything to me! It takes time and thought, and I value that.

Your first impressions, walk-throughs, deck reviews, beautiful photographs, your commentary– all of it means the world. When you share what you didn’t like and are honest with constructive criticism, I learn from you; I grow, I get better. Plus, I see the thought and care it takes.

So if you’re willing, I would be ever grateful if you’d share your thoughts, commentary, reviews, experiences, insights, readings, or just photos of the deck to the public. If you’re on Instagram, please use the tag #spiritkeeperstarot.

Instagram is More Regularly Updated

If you’d like to see more day-to-day what J & I are up to in terms of packing and shipping out your decks, check my Instagram page.

Okay, back to Work! =)

9 thoughts on “SKT Revelation Pre-Orders: Possible Design Issue + Video Course Series III

  1. stankbeest

    Hi Bennie,
    The upside-down inside-top (sounds like a long-forgotten mid-ninteen-sixties dance craze!) doesn’t seem like much of a problem to me. Nevertheless i will certainly take the appropriate photo if one of my decks has that issue.
    Thanks for the heads-up (no pun intended … really),
    Stan K. Beest

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha. ::Tears leaking out of eyes from giggling:: oh dear. 😂😂😂

      Nevertheless, we still definitely want to know the scope of the problem and then we can better figure out how we’re going to address it.


  2. stankbeest

    Got my decks in the mail yesterday.
    Firstly: FANTASTIC!
    Secondly: No upside-down inside-top dance. So it’s all good.

    Many Thanks,
    Stan K. Beest


  3. Anonymous

    Hi! So is the delivery date December & we won’t get an email until just before shipping? I wasn’t sure because it sounded like they are already being sent out…


    1. For those who pre-ordered before October 15, yes we are shipping orders placed between March and October now as we speak.

      However, any orders placed after that date will have a delivery date of December, due to us currently filling the March-Oct pre-orders. Thanks!


  4. Anonymous

    Hi!! Should everyone already have received an email saying it’s been shipped? Only because you mentioned people getting them already & I haven’t revived another email since the one about the new delivery company?


  5. Carla Lancaster

    I’m still waiting on the email letting me know my deck has been shipped too. I ordered mine in March. I was just curious if there were any updates? 🥰


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