Twenty-Two Weeks with the SKT

This 22-Week Workbook is included with purchase of the digital files for the Book of Maps. Go HERE for more information.

22 Weeks with the SKT is a 158-page workbook and 22-week daily planner formatted at the standard US Letter size (8.5″ x 11″). It’s intended to be a guided spiritual-metaphysical immersion.

Note: The First Edition workbook is 214 pages because it includes the card meanings from the LWB (which were not in the LWB from the First Edition) and the additional chapter on Olympic Spirits that is new to the Vitruvian Edition Book of Maps.

The primary purpose of the immersion is to demonstrate how esoteric practices, divination, and integrated spirituality can enhance your everyday lifestyle, amplify your personal power so that you achieve so much more than you even realized you were capable of achieving, and help you to bring pain, anxiety, and even personal character flaws under your control.


I’m compiling a YouTube playlist of some of Monday Meditation contenders that you might consider for your weekly 10-minute meditation. Check out the link below. You can save the playlist to your own YouTube account if you find those offerings useful. I will continue to add to it over time as I come across new 10-minute-long meditation videos I find useful and effective.

Monday Meditation Playlist

I’ve also compiled a Tuesday Vitality Strengthening playlist.

Tuesday Vitality Strengthening Playlist

The incidental secondary purpose of the immersion is to help you get acclimated with the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot cards.

Each week you’ll work with one of the Majors and a set of Minor keys. There is a suggested syllabus for each week if you want to work through the Medium White Book, the Book of Maps, and the online video courses in some sort of organized way.

You don’t have to work through the content in 22 consecutive weeks. Just 22 weeks. Any 22 weeks. However, you should probably work through them in consecutive 7-day or weekly increments. In other words, if you start it on Monday of one weekly module (the day of the Moon), then I do recommend making it all the way through to Sunday (the day of the Sun). And then if you need to, take a break for the next week or weeks, resuming the immersion on a future Monday.

While the face of the exercises are about learning and getting acclimated with the SKT cards, the actual purpose of the 22-week immersion is your personal spirituality. Every exercise is less about the SKT cards and more about your psychic training or development.

If you commit to the very digestible and accessible meditation work, strength or vitality training, mental training, and tarot reading-journaling prompts, you will leave this 22-week immersion with a repertoire of powerful esoteric practices under your belt.

Much of what you’ll acquire through this 22-week immersion will be transferable to your work with other tarot decks and even other divination systems. In sum, my ambition for this 22-week guided immersion is to advance your metaphysical practice. I want to meet you where you are right now and then push you farther ahead.

The digital files (PDF only) for the 22-week immersion workbook comes with every Premium Package order.

I’ll also upload it onto Lulu so if you want a spiral-bound physical copy of the workbook, you can order one straight from that third-party print-on-demand service. If 158 pages is a print job your home or office printer can take, printing the pages back and front double-sided, then I encourage you to print copies of it out on your own and set into a three-ring binder. It’s perhaps the most budget friendly way to work with this document.

When I haven’t provided enough writing space for you, you can continue in the back pages. I’ve included a handful of lined pages at the back of the workbook, so you can write a “continued on p. __” note on the last line of the writing block, and then continue where you left off on one of those back lined pages.

There is a daily planner page spread for all 22 weeks with to-do checkboxes in accordance with the planetary powers most prevalent each day of the week. There’s also space for you to record your experiences, insights, and take down notes of your studies.

9 thoughts on “Twenty-Two Weeks with the SKT


    I feel like I am entering metaphysical university! This is fantastic!! Can’t wait for the deck and workbook!!

    Walk Lightly…Live Deeply, Dave


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  2. Suzi Petito

    I am so eager to begin and wait for my deck and Lulu orders. You cannot put a price on ALL that you do, Benebell – Thank you, so much.


  3. Cari Featherstone

    I agree with the comments above. Thank you also for putting all the printed material on Lulu as I struggle with printing myself. This deck and all the love and care you have poured in is amazing thank you ❤️

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    1. Wow. I meant to say:

      Do you recommend we do the RITUAL COLORING in the book of maps, alongside the 22 week planner? Or color afterwards?

      Aiyayay. I’m glad I saw that anyway. I was having a time trying to log in and comment and kinda gave up and just filled the form.

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