The Asian American Tarot & Read The Cartomancer

Are you subscribed to The Cartomancer? If you’re a tarot or oracle card reader, then you’ve got to check out this independent magazine. The quality of the print copy is just luxurious–definite collectible items.

Volume 3, Issue 3 is now out. You can order just the single copy or get a subscription for the year. Support your fellow tarot community, independent artists, deck creators (lots of stunning deck art in these pages), and further your own tarot education with The Cartomancer.

In the latest issue posted above, I wrote a deck review for The Asian American Tarot. You may be surprised and amused by my opinion. In a moment of irony, I can’t predict whether you’ll have expected as much from my review of the deck or whether it’ll be unexpected.

Excerpts from my review in The Cartomancer:

…My initial hunch was that the deck creators decided to overturn the tarot system on its head, and create a new paradigm, as if to say we fight the hegemony. So I went searching for product description and marketing copy to that effect. I didn’t find any. If indeed the restructuring of the Three Septenaries was an intentional decision of social political activism, then that subversion needed to be underscored. It was not…

…the Asian American Tarot disappointed me, because I expected more. Maybe that’s because I’m a tiger mom, I don’t know. The lack of knowledge in the realm of tarot was painfully evident throughout. How difficult would it have been to get an Asian American tarot reader on board for consultation? Or crack open just one tarot book for a bit of due diligence before setting your sights on creating a tarot deck?…

I am totally okay with a restructuring of the tarot system and inventing a new one, but then it has to be explained. If it isn’t explained, then it needs to be self-explanatory. The reinvented numbering system makes no sense to me, even from an Asian American perspective. Having familiarity in various Eastern and Western mystery traditions, divinatory practices, and occult studies, I hypothesized that maybe it was following an Eastern esoteric school of thought. If it was, I didn’t catch it…”

Don’t worry, I have plenty of positive commentary about the deck as well. Read The Cartomancer, Volume 3, Issue 3 for the rest of my thoughts. I really dig into it on the tarot technical level. If you’re on a budget, order the e-zine and get the digital version of the magazine.

Also, are you a writer or deck creator? Be sure to check out the Submissions page and consider contributing to future issues! I look forward to reading your works in The Cartomancer!

4 thoughts on “The Asian American Tarot & Read The Cartomancer

  1. I agree about the Asian American Tarot–I bought it expecting it to be *tarot* in some form, old or new or original or standard or combination, and found it didn’t come across to me as such. It had excited me to see what would be done by it, but maybe someone else will have to do something else another time…maybe I’ll just revisit it at card-face value and see if that produces anything that I can use beneficially, just basic oracle style…

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