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The Metaphysician’s Day Planner

I juggle a full-time day job in corporate law with writing and publishing books, doing interviews and talks for the book tours, part-time professional tarot reader and astrologer, blogger, avid home cook, and pro bono legal work on the side, all while being a metaphysician and keeping myself buried in metaphysical studies, so I do get asked a lot about how I organize my day. How do I make sure I am on top of my schedule of court appearances, hearings, and conferences for work, my client reading list for tarot and astrology, food prep for the week and menu planning, domestic chores, personal health and fitness, and everything in between?

With a day planner, of course. There is a set way I organize and format my personal day planner to cover everything I do. And now I’d like to share it with you. I’ve put together a 2017 day planner and organizer for the metaphysician.

It’s part day planner–annual, quarterly, monthly, and daily. And it’s part grimoire.Carrying around metaphysical correspondences and quick reference sheets helps immensely with memory retention. It’s my approach to broadening and deepening my esoteric knowledge.

Out on the market right now you’ll see a ton of beautiful, vibrant, inspiring, mind-body-spirit-based day planners and calendars rolling out for sale now.

Mine is none of that.

So if you’re looking for something with lots of pastel colors, inspirational quotes, affirmations, and space for you to jot down your secret desires, then this is not it.
Rather, this is a glimpse into how I organize my life and how I balance professional and personal accomplishment with esoteric studies. I don’t spend three hours filling in blank workbook prompts on what I love about myself. I don’t need “go get ’em, tiger” quotes in sans serif font printed in glittery hues across my planner cover. Instead, my planner is about optimizing the hours of my day and getting stuff done. I need a day organizer that helps me get stuff done. I don’t want color, because color ink is expensive. I want substance and I want economy.

That’s what my day planner is all about. And I’d like to show it to you. I made one up for my sister Cindy, so you’re going to see screenshots of hers for illustration.


You will be getting the digital files only, but it is customized to you. The above shows the front title page. I recommend that you send it to a third party printer to get it spiral bound. The spiral bound day planner will be the most practical for daily use.


When you order the metaphysician’s day planner from me, you’ll get all of the above front and back cover designs and more. Then at your leisure, you can choose which you’ll use when printing and binding your own day planner. So no need to tell me which one you want. You get all the media files with your order.

Also, immediately from the cover design options, you can see my style and point of view. This is bare bones, I wouldn’t say masculine but definitely not going the route of what most New Agey planners go in. I pull public domain images from medieval alchemical texts, for starters…


After the title page, which will feature your name in script, there is a Fu sigil for harnessing prosperity, wealth, business success, higher income, and financial gains. It’s juxtaposed with a frontispiece from an old alchemical text. All citations to original images provided with the delivered files.


Next on the verso page (even page) are some basic principles of working with Qi or metaphysical energy taken from old Taoist scriptures. On the recto (odd) page, there is a customizable image or likeness of a deity, animal spirit guardian, etc. and a mantra or recitation of your option. You can choose from the options I have, i.e., Marici, Kuan Yin, Ganesha, any of the four archangels, etc.

Click on the PDF below to view all options. When you e-mail me your order request, please let me know which option you’re selecting.



Still in the front pages of the day planner, we’ve got some cool energy grids. For the sigil talisman grids, you get both a PROSPERITY and HEALING grid. The purpose for the above page spread is to use them as energy grids. Think crystal grids. You can charge stones, charms, or jewelry using those grids. How-to explained in the descriptive paragraphs in the book. Or, of course, you can follow your own intuition.


We want context for 2017, so the day planner has the year-at-a-glance for both 2016 and 2018. They appear as a page spread.

I’ve formatted the book, at the 8.5″ x 11.0″ dimensions (so it’s pretty big for a day planner!) with mirror margins and gutter, so it’ll be user- and writer- friendly even after you get it spiral-bound.


Then we have the page spread for 2017. You see the year at a glance and on the recto page is a table for you to set out your annual plan, by category. You’ll set three goals and define key actions for the year relating to your career, your financials, your health, your family (relationships, romance, love, etc.), personal (aspirational, hobbies, writing that all American novel, vacations), spiritual, and then an extra row for whatever else you want.

When you carry your yearly resolutions with you everywhere you go, it’s hard not to confront the incomplete ones and feel more motivated to check off those boxes.


I like to log the books I read and places I visit within the year. Here there is a page spread for both, which also acts as a prompt to get you to expand your own horizons, mind and body. When you see that page spread, I hope you’ll be more motivated to make personal plans for book reading and going places.


Then we have the months-at-a-glance pages. There’s a page (I hope obviously) for every month in 2017. Above you’ll see the page spread for January and February. In the top left corner, you set three goals for each month. In the top right corner you can jot down any divinations or forecasts you’ve done for yourself or had done for that month.

At the bottom, there’s blank memo space and a table for logging your personal financials monthly. For example, if you have a side business, this would be a good place to log your monthly earnings and expenses for that side business. There’s also a chart to log your weight and resting heart rate to monitor your personal health.


Then we have quarterly planning sheets. Each page shows one fiscal quarter of the year, along with space to outline your strategic plan for that quarter. I’ve included four categories– professional goal-setting, personal goal-setting, aspirational goal-setting, and financial goal-setting. On each page you’ll also see Chinese oracle bone scripts acting as sigils to empower each quarter with specific energies that best help you succeed through the environmental challenges typical of that quarter or season.


We’ve also got a page spread for your own twelve-month twelve-card reading. You can use tarot or an oracle deck of your choice. Log the card you drew in the left column for each month, then your divinatory interpretation and forecast next to it. Leave the right column blank until the month is complete. Then return to the page spread at the end of each month to fill in reflection notes on how that month panned out, compared to the card forecast.


Now we get to the meat and potatoes of the day planner. There is a weekly page spread, with one week covered for each two pages, and they are formatted so the whole page can be viewed when you open your book.

This is really the coolest part. I’ve put in all national holidays observed in America and key religious holidays from the Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, Muslim, and pagan traditions. I sourced the dates from here, here, here, here, and here, and then when I could, double-checked and triple-checked myself. Again: the dates are keyed to North America.


I’ve also entered major astrological and astronomical events, such as major meteor showers, Mercury retrogrades, stelliums, oppositions, conjunctions, etc.


Click on any of the sample page screenshots for larger viewing to see what I mean. I got the astronomical info from here and here, though again, I double-checked myself with my own astrology software program.


I’ve also entered in all the new moon, first quarter, full moon, and third quarter lunar phases, and for full moons, always the zodiac sign the moon is in that day. New moons I was going to put it down, but you don’t really need it. The sign any new moon is in will be the sun sign for that day. Duh. So I decided to leave it out to conserve space.


At the bottom of each weekly page spread is blank space for notes, organized in columns. Here you’ll get a glimpse into my own weekly planning approach. There is a column I titled “prosperity notes,” for goal-setting when it comes to any home business you have going on, any prosperity manifestation work you’re doing, or just notes of gratitude and reminders of how abundant your life is. Under “prosperity notes” I like to put my checklists for writing and scheduling blog posts, writing marketing materials, deck reviews I have to finish up on, and social media planning.


Then I have a column for “personal care,” which should be self-explanatory. Doctor appointments, hair cuts, girl-monthly stuff, running out of certain makeup that you need to buy more of soon, skincare regimes du jour, reminders to schedule in R&R, etc. I make it a point to do at least one significant thing toward my own personal care each week. That’s how I keep my energy up and reduce crashing.


Then we have a column for “spirituality,” to remind you to keep your spiritual practices routine. There is a whole range of creativity here. You can sketch in a sigil or seal to focus on for the week in that space. Or you can take notes on actual spiritual practices or ritual to complete for the week. Or if you came across a quotable quote, something inspirational, or a piece of I-want-to-remember-that info, jot it down here.

On the verso page we have “meal planning,” for menu and cooking notes. Then there is a column for “top priority” to highlight the most important points and reminders for that week. This bleeds a bit into “important notes,” but the two aren’t always the same, so I make the distinction between the two in my personal organizer.

Top priority might be like finishing a contract, completing a trademark filing, etc. Important notes might be a citation to research I want to review later, or the title of a book someone recommended I read. The book title is important, but not top priority.


After all 365 days of 2017 are covered in the weekly page spreads, we get to a dream log. There are a handful of pages in here for you to record notable dreams throughout the year. I also like to log premonitions here. Also, “weird shit.” Like when unexplained phenomena happen.


I’ve got a page spread for important contacts. Here, I typically put work stuff. Like addresses and info for courthouses, outside counsel I’m in frequent contact with, some family, friends, etc.


I always use up the end note pages. Here I’ve assembled about 10 notetaking pages for you to scrawl ideas, brainstorming, etc. on. This is mainly for text and is organized per the Cornell method of notetaking.


As many of you know, I’m also a doodler and love sketching. There are another handful of blank pages for sketching and doodling. Also, here since the pages are blank, you can create mind maps, which I love to do. These pages are great for pictorial brainstorming.


I’m also an avid home cook. I always log my go-to recipes in my day planner. So here I’ve got a collection of pages for you to log your favorite recipes, too.


Here’s one of the customized personal pages. When you order a metaphysician’s day planner, I will construct your solar chart for your 2017 birthday and your natal chart. Both will appear side by side in your day planner, along with a legend in case you’re not familiar with the astrological glyphs. Throughout the year you can refer back to this page spread and learn astrology by studying your own natal chart and 2017 solar chart.

However, this is not a reading. No interpretations or my astrologer notes about your charts are included in this planner. All you’re getting here are the charts only, for your own independent study and assessment.

And don’t worry if you’re not familiar with astrology. This is part-grimoire, too. I’ve included lots of cool metaphysical reference pages at the back of this day planner. You should be able to do a basic chart reading for yourself with the back-end reference pages. We’re just about to get to them.


First, a page spread all about moon phases, types of spell-crafting per moon signs, and also basic color correspondences. Again, click on any of the image files for a larger viewing of the page spreads.


I also like to keep a reference table for hexagram construction on hand at all times and here we have it. If you’re into I Ching divination at all, you can always look up exactly which hexagram you’ve constructed by cross-referencing the lower and upper trigrams, per the above table. I’ve also provided Wu Xing elemental dignities in the charts at the bottom of the hexagram table.


For feng shui enthusiasts, always know how to “feng shui” a place with these handy reference charts in your day planner. The chart on the right above has blank space for you to fill in and take notes, such as brainstorming interior décor to optimize your personal feng shui. You can jot down decoration ideas, any sigil magic, or other craft or intention-setting you want to do for each sector of the home, office, or living space for 2017 right here in your planner pages.


So let’s say the chart says to optimize Wood in the southeast sector of your home. What does that even mean? The above chart shows you some common correspondences for Wood. Under the column “Occupant” indicates the qualities in you that will be emphasized if you dominate your living space with that particular element. Under “Living Space” are the common material correspondences for that element.

On the right side of the above page spread is the celestial dial, an indispensable tool for feng shui calculations. If you place your day planner at the center point of any room and tape one end of a string to that center of the dial, you can extend that string out to the walls of the room and figure out exactly which quadrants of that area correspond to what per the celestial dial.


Now we get to the Western astrological references. Above you’ll see a quick reference page for the planets and some personal sensitive points, and then for the zodiac signs per modality and element. We also have the dates for each of the zodiac signs. Handy to have on you at all times when you’re a metaphysician, no? =)


Above we have quick reference page spreads for the twelve signs and twelve houses. Now, do note that none of these reference pages are meant to be comprehensive instructional material on these areas of study. I hope that’s obvious and common sense. Rather, they are quick reference pages, but easy to use for the beginner, intermediate, or even advanced practitioner. I love having these on hand with me at all times right there in my day planner. You never know when, wherever you are, you might need quick access to such esoteric knowledge.


The above is a page spread for all 78 tarot cards with upright and reversed keywords, metaphysical correspondences (elemental, astrological, etc.) and the Qabalistic numerological attribution for each card (in case you’re into OOTK, card counting, and what not).


I’ve also got a page spread for Lenormand keywords and some easy, basic info on Lenormand reading below the tables.

One negative part to all these grimoire-esque pages… you’re stuck with my interpretations, keywords, correspondences, and approaches. Doh! Well, no. You could always white out what I have written and then write in your own.


Then we’ve got Latin alpha-numeric gematria where you see the numerological, elemental, and essential metaphysical energies of each letter of the alphabet. This is used for name analysis. You now have a quick name analysis reference table with you at all times. Use it to assess the metaphysical attributes of any personal name or business name. Basic tips on how to do that are provided right there in your book.


And finally we close on a quick reference page spread for the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. So in this metaphysician’s day planner that is one small part grimoire, you’ve got a whole bunch of correspondences and reference tables for the I Ching, feng shui, tarot, Lenormand, numerology, astrology, the Kabbalah, and so much more.

I find that all my work and daily devotion working in my day planner and fusing mundane with esoteric transforms the day planner into something magical and that extra oomphie energy helps me to accomplish my goals and, well, manifest.

So you wanna know how I do it all? Well now you know.


The final page is my go-to protection sigil. The top medallion is for attunement to Divinity or connection into the collective unconscious. The left medallion in the image above is for always achieving your ambitions and always expanding to higher ground in life. The right medallion is for compassion and benevolence, and to always embody those qualities. The numbers 3, 6, and 8 are evoked0– 3 for the sacred trinity, 6 for personal balancing of body, mind, and spirit, and 8 for harnessing the metaphysical energies of nature through the I Ching Ba Gua. We then have sigils or glyphs around the main medallion for amplifying personal power, protection from lower vibrational forces, and constant, healthy growth. The sigil supports your book from the back, with the hope that you’ll be guided, protected, and always moving forward in advancement and expansion with the extra metaphysical energy such a sigil might provide.


* * *

Once you’ve got the PDF file for this, you can take it to a local print shop and get it printed out and bound. I’d use a sturdy stock for the front and back covers, something glossy even. Then the printed calendar pages can be regular paper. You should be able to get this done for under $10. For instance, it’s $9.72 to get it print and coil-bound at

At, select the US Letter size at 8.5 x 11 inch. For binding, you’d select “coil bound paperback” and for interior print, “black and white on white.” Printing the 192-page day planner through Lulu will cost you under $10 and that plus $25 for my proprietary files puts you at $35 only, which is still a ton cheaper than so many other Body, Mind, Spirit day planners on the market right now! I’ve been seeing them roll out for eight to hundred dollars!


That is a whole lot cheaper than what other folks charge for similarly situated yearly day planners, and most of those aren’t even customized like this one is. The digital files for this metaphysician’s day planner are yours as a PDF customized to your personal details for $25.

If you reserve your order before December 5, 10:00 pm, then delivery of the digital files to your inbox guaranteed by December 15.

Orders received in my inbox before December 11, midnight have a delivery date of December 21.

Orders received after that date will be delivered first come first served.

Non-North American Purchasers:

First, please be advised that all astrological and astronomical events in the calendar are based on North American times. Thus, depending on where you live, the event dates for astrology and astronomy could be up to one day off.

Second, the default book is formatted at the standard American paper print size, 8.5″ x 11″ but I have one prepared at the standard European A4 paper print size. If you need the European A4 paper print size, please let me know ahead of time in your order request! Otherwise you’ll get the standard American!


For $25, you’re getting:

  • JPG file of your natal chart
  • JPG file of your 2017 solar return chart
  • 192-page PDF file of the metaphysician’s day planner customized with your birth chart, natal chart, and other preferences as noted
  • 11 front and back cover design options for your day planner, JPG files

To order yours today, just e-mail me the following:

  • Name As You Want It To Appear In the Book
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth (Optional, but if none provided, then your day planner won’t have the birth chart and solar return chart)
  • Location of Birth (Optional, but if none provided, then your day planner won’t have the birth chart and solar return chart)
  • City, State, Country of Residence in 2017 (Needed for the solar return chart)
  • Your Divinity Message Option. (Click on the below PDF to view all options)



If you want e-mails from me throughout the year on how to use every section of your day planner, additional metaphysical reference materials that only those who purchase the day planner will get, and lots of other organizational and metaphysical related freebies, be sure you include the e-mail address you want me to use for sending you stuff.

I also like the idea of harassing corresponding with you throughout the year to remind you to stay on top of your goals, stay focused, and to keep your energy levels up.

Email your order to:

benebellwen (at) gmail (dot) com

For a full service listing of divinatory reading options I offer, click on the banner.
For a full service listing of divinatory reading options I offer, click on the banner.


39 thoughts on “The Metaphysician’s Day Planner – Order Today

  1. Sebastian

    I LOVE this! It’s so fun, I was in the process of looking for a nice day planer for my starting yoga business in 2017 that would allow personal notes, too, and not be too fluffy and cheesy. I like this simplistic approach. Now I’ve to check how much this would cost here!!! Thanks for always being an inspiration!

    As for the front and back cover – could you provide bigger pictures? It’s hard to tell what to more complex ones look like.

    Also: since I really want to start my yoga business in 2017, your prosperity reading would be a great birthday gift for myself, right? From what I’ve read about it, it could really guide me a bit when it comes to this new business, don’t you think? (and yes, I’m aware it’s advice only and I shouldn’t make major business desicions based on it :-))


    1. Hi Sebastian: Definitely would love to prepare a prosperity reading for you! Just e-mail me the order and I’ll get you started on that front. Re: cover designs– okay. Will do! ❤ (Tomorrow.. getting late here now lol.)


  2. Wow that’s amazing! Damn me for already having a different planner haha… 😉
    I just gotta say, I recently bought a very colorful print-it-yourself planner online and it was impossible for me to print it out while still looking good. So I spent more than 30$ on nothing… The problem: Paper size! The standard paper size in Europe is called A4 and does not go with the standard American size of 8,5 x 11 inches. For your planner it’s probably not a problem, since it’s black on white and no colorful “background” or frame, but just wanted to put this here since I know you like things to come out right, Benebell. 😉 Europeans might not think about measurements first, might assume everyone goes with A4 but yeah this isn’t the case. So just a little heads up.
    Did you get my mail about a prosperity astrological reading? It was while back, and I know you’re very busy, just thought I’d check since someone else mentioned it above 😉
    Much love,


    1. Hi Ania! Wow! Thank you for the heads up! I’m headed to bed now but tomorrow morning I will look at my program to see if I can easily convert my current book into A4 size, so if Europeans order one, I’ll tell them to just print with the A4 version, not my “regular.” Thanks! ❤


  3. Sebastian

    Ah, Ania, thanks from me, too! I’m from Germany and I probably would have send the PDF just as it is to a printer and expected it to work with A4. Didn’t know there were differences hahaha … thank you for pointing that out!


    1. I now have an A4 option. All you gotta do is make note of it in your order request to me so I know to prepare your planner with the A4 template rather than my US standard. ^_^*


  4. Yes please, would absolutely love to have this planner.  I’ve noticed in the comments that there might be an issue with paper size because I would be using A4 and that you would look into this.  I’m hoping this won’t be a problem. The name to go in the book is CaroleDOB: 15 September 1948Time: 12  middayLocation: Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, UKResidence in 2017:   Wallington, Surrey, UKAngel Uriel Thank you so much for all your hard work. With kindest regards Carole


  5. Eve

    how do you stay energized, focused to do all of this? Where do you get your energy? Do you use artificial means, do you use drugs? Do you have maids, servants, assistants?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I honestly do NOT know how you do all that you do, Benebell. You are an inspiration to me. I’m hoping to be able to order your planner soon. I do have one ,but it’s for keeping track of my appointments only. Yours has so much more to offer.


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  13. Kevin W

    I already use Outlook at work and iCloud calendar for home. But I love all of the materials that are offered. I’m toying with the idea of ordering the day planner, but opening it up in Adobe Acrobat or PDFPen Pro to modify it, and maybe deleting the calendar pages, and copying the blank or Cornell pages to create a journal plus reference and personal materials. I think Cornell format pages can be nice for a divination journal, because you can write down the card/position on the left, and the interpretation on the right. How nice to have Tarot and Lenormand cheat sheets in your divination journal!? And: I could maybe add my own Rune cheat sheet before sending it to press.

    One thing I question: I wonder if Lulu would print it xerographically, or with another method. Xerographic print tends not to like certain inks being applied over it with ballpoint or fountain pens.


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