My Free Randomized Divinations


This has been going on for a while already and I am having so much fun! However, I don’t know if I’m reaching enough folks, so here is a blog post. You can sign up to get on a list of folks who consent to possible free randomized divinatory readings to be delivered to your e-mail inbox, perhaps when you least expect it. This is offered alongside all my reading services that you can book. More info on my “Book a Reading” page. Scroll all the way down to see the info on the Free Randomized Divination Sign-up.


Once I receive your e-mail to sign up, I input your info onto an Excel sheet and your line of info is assigned a number. I write that number on a stick and place it into the box you see above. Then when I feel called to, from time to time, I’ll shake that box, focus in somehow, in whatever inexplicable intuitive irrational manner that works for me, and ask that I be connected to someone to whom Spirit, the Divine, spirit guides, Heaven, God, Buddha, Allah, transmittal of data from the Akashic Records, the Anima Mundi, collective unconscious, flying spaghetti monster, whatever-name-works-for-you would like me to direct a message. Out comes a stick and the name that corresponds with that number is the person I do a free divinatory reading for.

Screen shot from Solar Fire
Screen shot from Solar Fire

The first thing I’ll do is construct your natal chart. That’s how I connect with you in spite of knowing nothing about you and not even having a question or inquiry from you to go on. My astrologer software program of choice is Solar Fire. Next, I select the method of divination or begin to establish that connection.

If all this sounds like a fun spiritual experiment that you would like to be a part of, then you’ll need to e-mail me the following info:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth (Local)
  • Location of Birth
  • E-mail address

I will send attachments, e.g., an image file of your constructed natal chart, photograph of the cards I’ve drawn, hexagram image, etc., so make sure I’m on your “safe” or “friends” list or add my e-mail to your address book so you’ll definitely get my e-mail. Otherwise I might end up in your spam folder and that always kinda sucks.

So why am I doing this? Rest assured it is all about me, so that skeptic in you who is all like there-is-no-way-she-is-doing-this-out-of-the-kindness-of-her-generous-heart can feel validated that you’re totally right.

First off, on a mundane note, sometimes there are oracle decks or way-out-there nouveau tarot decks I want to try out, play with, and who better to use as a guinea pig for my divinatory experimentations than you?

A Sea of Calm Mandala Oracle Deck by Fiona Stolze
A Sea of Calm Mandala Oracle Deck by Fiona Stolze

Second, although there is zero obligation on your end to do this, it would be cool if you shared my name and what I do via word of mouth. Tell your friends (please, not about the free reading you got, but about my tarot and divinatory work, my published books, that kind of thing), share info or your (hopefully positive) thoughts on what I do via your social media, with the hashtag #benebellwen. So, you know, I have that to potentially gain from this experiment.

Finally, what’s most important to me, the true personal experiment part, I’m hoping this will help me further strengthen my connection or ability to connect with Spirit, the Divine, spirit guides, Heaven, God, Buddha, Allah, transmittal of data from the Akashic Records, the Anima Mundi, collective unconscious, flying spaghetti monster, whatever-name-works-for-you. For me, this is part of my own path.

So to sign up and be part of all this, send me an e-mail with the above-requested information to benebellwen at live dot com.

Please note that this website’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use will apply and I will assume you’re familiar with those terms prior to sign-up. Although the About Your Reading Session page is directed at paid reading services, the disclosure terms there also apply to these free readings.

24 thoughts on “My Free Randomized Divinations

    1. Susan Alfieri Dulak

      Hi Benenel,
      I love love love Holistic Tarot!!! I have learned so much. I did send you my birthday information.
      If you need me to I can send it again.’
      Thank you so much!


  1. Stacey Daniels

    Thank you Benebell! I’m working my way through Holistic Tarot. The textbook approach and format really speaks to my student’s heart. I also very much enjoy your blog and deck reviews!


    1. Beth

      Hi Cathi ☺ Just wanted to say I have the same birthday but 20 years later, my moms name was Kathryn, I’m predominantly of Celtic heritage, and I have an enthusiastic interest in all things Celtic (traditional music, mythology, art and Celtic knot work etc) – I’m in the US and love going to the Celtic heritage festivals we have here. Scotland is my #1 dream destination to visit! ❤ Sorry if that’s all a wee bit random, but I felt moved to share 😊
      Benebell thank you for this opportunity (and your immensely valuable book!), I will email you directly 😀


      1. Oh hi Beth, thank you so much for taking the time to message me. Great to hear from someone who has so much in common with me. We also also share a love for Benebell and what she shares with us. I love her book. Do you have it? x


        1. Beth

          Hi Cathi, it was my pleasure – I actually don’t believe in coincidence so I just felt like I should comment 🙂 And yes I do have her book; I bought it as a gift to myself for our last birthday! I’m kind of a reference geek in general and Holistic Tarot is “THE” tarot reference book to me now. It’s truly wonderful to have something so comprehensive and well written. I’ve learned a lot from the uncountable number of tarot books I’ve read since I started learning in the early 90’s but Benebell’s holistic approach is definitely an invaluable and unique asset to the tarot community! I love learning about all the related topics and resources she shares here on the blog as well, I feel quite fortunate to have stumbled across this site early last year. Now I’m very glad to have met you here too 🙂 ❤ I've just thought of something though, is your birthday December 3rd or March 12th? It had completely slipped my mind about the month/day being arranged different in Europe! Even if it's March, I have some dear friends who are Pisces (my Mars & Midheaven are in Pisces too) and it's still lovely to meet you in any case (of course!) 🙂


          1. March 12th Beth, ha, ha. Great to make a new friend. I love Benebells book too. I dip in and out of it all the time and love learning something new, discovering a new “take” on the cards or trying out the spreads. What deck do you use? I use the Gilded Tarot although I have a lot more decks I find I work better with this one. I actually got to meet my hero Ciro Marchetti, who did the card images, at the UK Tarot Conference in London two years ago. Where do you live Beth? xx


  2. Cynthia Taylor

    I am so glad you wrote a post on this 🙂 I saw this mentioned, but felt funny asking for a free reading! Anyway, the main reason I am posting is to ask what deck is the very first image? It looks like a rider waite deck, but I do not recognize the back of the cards, also did you trim it? These cards looks amazing! thank you 🙂 PS I also just recently ( 2 weeks ago) bought Holistic Tarot. 🙂 I have another question I have been searching. I perused and scanned Holistic tarot, and the answer may be there, but I haven’t found it yet. I have started reading everything from the very beginning:) I am very analytical like you, and when I have a question it tends to stop me in my tracks, I cannot go further until finding the answer. I have found some vague inclinations, but still not sure. My question, when reading the tarot originally such as Tarot de Marseille, before the occultists started their own interpretations, how did they read the numbered cards? What was the origin for the meanings? Does anyone know? I can easily see the progression and similarity of the major arcana, but especially using pip cards how did they interpret meanings? thank you 🙂


    1. Anonymous

      Ha, I came here to ask about the RWS in the first picture too!
      I’m assuming it’s trimmed, but the backs look unfamiliar… can you satisfy our curiosity? 🙂


  3. Rowena

    Hi! I only found your blog recently but it’s been so helpful. I am trying to learn more about tarot, astrology, crystals and so on. I am going to buy your Holistic Tarot book very soon!

    I have emailed me details to you. I also wanted to ask, what is your all time favourite Tarot deck?




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